How To Read Your Love GPS

By Gertrude: Love is complicated and there is no real guide or that everyone reacts to a situation the same way. Each relationship is unique and as such should be treated as such. 

Your Love GPS is your own personal perception and insights into what you want in a relationship. Often the trick is to have that coincide with the person you have fallen in love with. Many of us are concerned with Time. When will things change? When will someone come forward? Really what we should be looking at is what needs to change in order for us to create a mutually acceptable outcome. 1gertrude7

Before we can look at what someone else’s intentions or love destination is, we really need to be aware of our own perceptions. Are they realistic, are they an illusion of the heart? As a psychologist and holistic counselor, I bring all of my abilities, understanding to see your individual circumstances. It is also important that you do that for yourself.

While we all have a different map, there are some steps that we can take. In order to be in the best possible place to ensure a relationship can move forward. To give the relationship as well as yourself the chance to build the skills you need for a successful union. 

For many of my clients, a relationship has ended.  The question is when that person will contact them or come back into their lives. It is very important that while this may be a hiatus or a permanent break down, it is the best time to go within. You are the key in moving a past relationship forward, or drawing the right love into your life. 

Be aware of your obstacles as well as the stumbling blocks your lover carries with them.

When two Love GPS meet, it is first important to understand how you read love maps.

Identify if you are:

1: Relationship dependent. 

2: Conflict orientated. 

3: Relationship orientated. 

4: Commitment avoidance. 

When we are relationship dependent is when we prefer to spend all of our spare time with and around our lover.

When we are conflict orientated is where we feel empowered by drama. If you are arguing it means they care.

With a relationship orientated you will look for deeper commitment, however, you will be independent with your own friends and activities as well. 

If we are commitment avoiders we also avoid conflict and will drop out or pull back when we feel insecure or that things aren’t going our way.

To move forward for yourself it is important to remove negative motivation. This is where we sometimes need to change our perceptions as a result of past experience. Especially if they have been negative and your own life experience so far has not resulted in a happy and healthy relationship.

Encourage positive motivation. This is one of the main ways that we attract our perfect match. This is where we implement truly effective communication. Where you find out where you find yourself and others find you interesting. This is a two way street in a successful union.

The more you authentically match the better chance you have of a wonderful connection when it comes to love.

When it comes to being separated from your lover, understand that they have chosen to evolve on some level. When something didn’t worked out in the past, we can never go back. Going back doesn’t work, however, by implementing positive motivation in your own life this creates a platform to reconnect in the future.

While your lover is looking for ways to evolve and be more mindful, jump on board and do yourself the same favor.

If you would like for me to look into your current situation, I will invite you to book a session with me. I will bring all of my skills to your concerns so that together we can gain insight and wisdom into what your next step would be best.

We can also look at your lover, where I can perhaps identify what their negative motivations are. Look for the reasons behind their decisions. In getting this perspective, I can more easily identify the future outcome. Now is the time for some first moves, they are important if you are going to get through your hurdle. Life is about balance, boundaries and being true to yourself.

Never sell yourself short when it comes to what you expect in a relationship. I would love to work with you so see where your best interests, love interests and for a better future.

I love both telephone and chat readings. I do love to hear your voice so I always encourage you to ring me. It deepens my connection to you and the overall dynamics in the levels of your life that you are seeking knowledge.


Love and Light,


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