How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading

By Melanie: Over the years I’ve done more readings than I can count. In that time the readings have been extremely varied, some have been about soul mates, twin flames, careers, or even just general future predictions. I start all readings, no matter the kind the same; I connect with my client’s energies and guides by their name and birthday. If my client has a specific question about a particular person, I then ask for that person’s name as the name is extremely helpful and important for me as far as energy connections (not all readers work the same, this is just how I work).

1melanie2 The one challenge I find on readings that the client is looking for a quick answer is, they don’t always know how spirit works or the best question to ask. The best way to get the most out of your reading is by asking spirit the right question. I hope that this helps a lot of people because this will save you time, money, and frustration in the future.

What many clients don’t realize is that spirit in my experience, is extremely literal, so if you ask a “when” or a “yes/no” question, all you are going to get is that as an answer; your “yes” or your “no” or your “in 2 weeks” etc. You will not get the “why” or the “what” and you will be left with wondering more later. For instance, I have a particular client who has been struggling with something of a job situation, trying to get settled and has been asking me “when” and “yes/no” questions. What he didn’t realize is, this offers zero insight. Yes, it gives him the answer to his question of “Yes, you will be asked to remain at your company” question answered… have a great day. The problem is, he returned not long after, looking for more yes/no, and when answers because the event and main conversations he was hoping for still hadn’t happened.

So how do we avoid all this extra questioning and confusion? I encouraged this particular client to really ask the “bigger” question of “what is going on with the company”, “why is it taking so long to have a discussion about my job” etc… and the insight that transpired opened up so much more information than a “yes/no” would provide, things that I could not have known came through and surprise, he got the answers he didn’t expect but that made perfect sense!

This is where I love working with spirit! When we open ourselves up to so much more than just limited “yes/no, when” questions like what, why, how. “What do I need to know about this situation”, “what can I do differently”, etc. It leaves room for so much more information to come through and you get more bang for your buck along with a deeper meaningful reading and something that leaves you with fewer questions and concerns.


I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep asking those deeper questions!

Love and Light,


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