How To Find Your True Love for the Chinese New Year

By Gertrude: As tradition goes for the Chinese New Year, it is Yue Lao The Matchmaking God who will bring your lover to you. It is also in the western sense for the person who is wanting to be bought together with their soulmate

To put your intention to the universe, that you are seeking your perfect mate, you wear a simple red string on your wrist. It represents the string of fate. Which draws and binds true love.

1gertrude2 It is believed that when we are born our eternal flame is wearing a twin red string bracelet that is invisible to the naked eye. That fate will bring you together and the red string entwines to create the thread that binds true love.

Women are known to wear them on the left wrist and for a man to wear one on his right. It is meant to uphold the sanctity of a union. If you and your loved one are both wearing one this you are signaling to your soul that you will be the best version of yourself in the relationship. It is believed the left side of the body is the receiving side, it also represents the past. While the right side is the giving side and is a symbol of the future. So combined it is the perfect mix to foster romantic and life long love.

The Chinese are not the only culture to view the red string as a chord to love. Madonna is famous for wearing one as her faith in Kabbalah influenced her when she chose to seek love. Considering her current boyfriend is 30 years her junior, it seems like it certainly can’t hurt. In Christianity, is a talisman for good fortune and matters of the heart. It is also mentioned in the bible. Japan, India and Buddhists are also great believers in this tradition.

Yue Lao The Matchmaking God is also the God of the Moon. While there is no one way that is right or wrong. Often the new moon is a great time to place your red string bracelet on. And what a better way than to start it at the beginning of the Chinese new year.

Red denotes blood, The blood that gives life. Creates families and it is a symbol of strength and kind of sexy too. It is a symbol of strength and courage. Where solid foundations are made. It is the symbol of protection and and your life force. In a physical sense it is representative of the tongue. So the words that we speak must match our actions. In a relationship, communication is everything. Kind, gentle and compassionate words, all create a more harmonious and meaningful bond in love.

If you would like to have a reading with me and find out where your red sting lover is, give me a call. I love these readings and bringing you insight on how to meet the one who was mean for you.

So if you feel that 2019 is your year to lay the foundations of love, why not create your own red string bracelet. Setting your intentions to the universe, the law of attraction and manifesting your desires are daily beliefs and practices. Time to live in the here and now. So leave old memories in the past and not to have an over busy mind when it comes to the future.

All the best for love, life and laughter,


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