How To End An Affair With Someone Who Is Married

By Gertrude: As a psychic medium, it’s important to not make judgments in a reading. Often it’s the case we have clients who are having an affair with someone who is married or committed.

1gertrude2 The first thing to remember is that actions speak louder than words. In many cases the married person will tell you that they are unhappy and want to leave their current relationship. However, it seems to be all talk. Sure, there are a lot of excuses and often valid reasons why it will take time. If you find yourself in the situation, where there is all talk and no action. It’s important to be honest with yourself, as to where the relationship is going. Work within a time frame, setting goals for where you want to be. If that period of time has passed, but there has been no shift. It’s time to start looking at the prospect of being a long term mistress.

The loudest and most important words are what you tell yourself. Being honest with yourself in these conversations is essential. Be true to yourself.

You have to understand that you deserve someones full attention. A true love of your own. We all have a best match, in fact, we have several. Now is the time to have the internal conversation with yourself as to what it is you want. What it is you deserve. What it is you’ve earned. What it is you’re entitled to. If you can convince yourself that you can be the other woman, you can certainly convince yourself that there is someone who will put you as number one.

When waiting your turn with someone who is married or committed, is the time to invest in yourself. This is the time where you, nurture you. Weigh up the time when and where you can spend your time together. Ask yourself, how much do I really know about their current situation is and what they are like to be with everyday, with everyday issues.

Make it about you. Not them. Don’t allow their problems to become your problems. We all have our own issues, so to add to them isn’t in our best interests. This is the time to put you first. Understand what it is that you want, that is also good for you. What do you believe you deserve. Are your needs being met. Are your expectations being taken into consideration. Ask yourself how often you are happy and secure. And how may times you are feeling down or uncertain about the situation.

When you ask yourself in real terms of why his/her marriage or committed relationship isn’t working out, you must also consider what part he plays in that. Have empathy for those around him. Try to have empathy for the family situation, whatever it might be. For those others who are involved through no fault of their own. This doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty, its just important to be real with yourself.

This is certainly the time to rely on your friends and seek their honest opinion on the situation. Sometimes this can hurt. But the truth is that the truth is the only way to be happy with whatever the decision you make is. Having someone you can confide in helps you listen to yourself. It reminds you of what it is you deserve. This will be one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make. It’s difficult to end a relationship with someone you have fallen in love with.

When you end the relationship, it’s important to be strong, straight forward and honest with yourself and them. Sometimes we simply have to put our own interests first. Take whatever measures you need to stop ongoing contact. Or falling back into the relationship because you love them and you’re sad.

There are many things for you to do to fill the void of ending a relationship. There will be issues that you’ve not paid attention to. Friends that you’ve somewhat neglected. It’s now time to invest in you. Knowing what is good for you as well. You will need to be incredibly strong. If you feel you need professional support or talk therapy invest in a good counselor or adviser who has your best interests at heart.

It is okay to feel grief and need time to heal. Doing what is best for all has many rewards. You will have times where you will regret your decision and many times you will be proud. It is never easy walking away from someone you love and have invested your time heart and soul into. Now it’s important to put all the lessons that you’ve learned from this and put them into practice.

As a psychic medium who makes no judgement, but, simply wants to have the best outcome for all concerned, it’s often heartbreaking to see people hurt by love, not enriched from it. If you are being made unhappy, if things aren’t progressing and there is more talk than action. Now is the time to plant your own seeds and nurture what is your best interests. Remember, everyone has a perfect match still ahead of them. Invest your time in creating the best life possible. You are worth it.


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