How to Choose a Psychic Reader

Locating the right intuitive ( or spiritual guidance, intuitive counselor, astrologer, healer, etc.) is a deeply personal endeavour. As with trying on swimming suits or finding a perfect physical therapist, this is a matter of finding the perfect fit for you. What works for your best friend, or a stranger, may NOT be the same match for you. If you have friends who are interested in spirituality or who see readers, ask for their opinion – but be aware that you will have your own experience.

Finding the right psychic often means opening your eyes and heart while you do research. One great way is to pick from readers who match your beliefs and ethics and those you feel “drawn to” – not because of a fancy tag line or ad, but because something about that person resonates with you. Perhaps through their picture or their words or writing style. Reading articles and blog entries by experts who contribute their opinions and expertise can also help you resonate with readers who are the right match for you.

You should also look for readers that have experience or background in those topics most important to you. Not every reader does every style of reading, so don’t be afraid to look for those who can help you with those areas you are most interested in. For example, are you looking for someone who focuses on relationships or career? Do you want to have tarot readings or astrology readings? Do you want to visit a medium? Are you interested in someone who can give you rune-readings or do dream interpretations? Reading profiles can help you find those readers who are best suited to your unique preferences.

There are a few things that wonderful readers will have on common — these tips can help steer you towards making your selection:

Regular People

You may have seen movies of psychics crouched down over glowing crystal balls, wearing veils, beads and headdresses, but it real life this isn’t necessarily the sign of a good psychic. If someone comes across as too “theatrical” as if they’re playing a role, chances are, — they are! Most good intuitives are just regular people and don’t need to sell themselves with a lot of fanfare. You don’t need to be born with a caul, a veil, a maternal line of psychic princesses, or mystical heritage to be a fabulous intuitive. Most people with well honed intuitive abilities seem just like everyone else you know – in fact they may be hiding in broad sight!

Kind and Ethical
Good psychics are truthful and know that telling you a fantasy (which will make you happy for a few moments) is the wrong thing to do. A good psychic will not just dish up soothing bowlfuls of ‘what you want to hear’, instead they will tell you honestly what their feelings and intuitions are, the good and bad, and they know how to be compassionate about doing so. Not all psychics are intuitive-counsellors or have a background in therapy or psychology, but the really good ones will deliver information as a means to empower you and engender balanced thinking. The really good ones can give you challenging help, realistic guidance or “truth” if need be, without insulting or assaulting.

No Fear

An ethical reader will absolutely NOT threaten you, or make you feel like they wish to exert control or power over you. Psychics and intuitive counselors are just human beings, not omnipotent beings. A positive reading should be realistic, but also leave you feeling empowered instead of frightened. Scare-tactics, or anything meant to dis-empower you (e.g.”you have a dark cloud of evil hanging over your head”) are something a positive and ethical reader will never use. You should always be aware of your own power and ability to make decisions and determinations for yourself. A positive reader can help guide you or show you a wider view of the terrain ahead, but you are always in the driver’s seat.

No outlandish promises:

Good psychics don’t make crazy promises. Real intuitives are not 100% accurate and (unless they have your unrequited love stashed behind a curtain in the next room) they can’t “reunite loved ones in MINUTES” or offer insane promises of “everlasting happiness”. Ethical intuitives don’t offer SPELLS to banish your toe-nail fungus and or manipulate others to do your bidding. No psychic could ever be 100% accurate. The future is always changing and evolving and a good reader will help you see your creative power in creating the reality and life that you want.

No matter what type of reading you’re looking for, LifeReader readers are experts in many topics; tarot readings, love and relationship readings, horoscopes, astrology as well as topics related to mind, body, and spirit.

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