How To Be Heard By Lovers And Others

By Edwina:  Ever found yourself struggling to be heard in a conversation? Or lost an argument over biting your tongue? Perhaps by pleasing others, in the pursuit of happiness, you are ultimately sacrificing your own dreams and wants? Either way, whether experiencing this in a work environment or in a relationship, it is an extremely unempowering ordeal to our personal detriment. Breaking bad habits can serve to improve our well being, providing we are able to identify and recognize the bad habit!

The Fix
Vishuddha –¬†a.k.a. the throat chakra – is the energy center of all vocal self-expression, allowing the articulation of word and ultimately, in its purest form, speaking the truth from ones heart. If we are struggling to have our hearts be heard, our mental health may suffer and therefore it is paramount we find solution. Thankfully we are able to form words and share thoughts on paper and this is where we must start. Journaling is a powerful tool which can bring clarity and new insight into our thoughts and feelings. It is through creative endeavors, such as journaling, our intuition is activated and can begin to spill out onto the page. The conscious mind can be full of uncertainty when comes to decisions, but our intuition always serves for our greater good.


Remember also, organizing what it is we want to say to someone on paper first can help immeasurably in getting our point across in a clear and concise manner. Building on this, the following questions are presented for you to write down your answers. This exercise will help highlight aspects of your life which need your attention. To perform this exercise accurately it is important to write down the first thing which comes to mind, and write as little or as much as you wish. It may not make sense at first when reading it back, but our intuition – which we are tapping into with this exercise – strives to communicate fresh insight we might be unable to fully comprehend. Like an oracle’s prophecy, only the future holds obscurity over what will come to pass. When reading your answers back months later, you may be surprised by the revelations and power you possess!

1. Who is not listening to you?

2. What will they gain from hearing you and why?

3. What is stopping your heart being expressed fully and why?

4. What do you want most in life and why?

5. What truth needs to be said to get it done?

6. What would be the best outcome of sharing your truth?

7. What would be the worst outcome of sharing your truth?

8. Why does happiness matter to you?

As mentioned, the answers you have written may or may not make sense. Either way, meditate on them and let them marinate in your mind. Overtime new perspective could change your priorities or help you to overcome the frog in your throat. This could be especially useful when confronted by a familiar face which requires your voice to be heard.

The Art of Silence
Though we have focused on becoming more vocal in our life’s, it must also be acknowledged there are times when being silent can be the best option. When you have a bad day and want to vent, writing down your anger can help dissipate the intensity of emotions surrounding. Emotions hold a power and complexity sometimes beyond our control. Where we can avoid being driven by our emotional state into unnecessary drama, we avoid stress and upset. If pen and paper are nowhere to be found, then take a walk! Fresh air and distance can work wonders in any relationship!

If you are uncertain over how a situation in your life is going to play out? Or do you feel you are in a helpless in a situation? Journaling may be able to give you guidance! If you feel you want more guidance, get in contact with me today. I work with my angels and guides to find solutions to helpless situations and make your goals and desires possible.

Thank you for reading.


Love and Light,


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