How Astrology Can Be A Helpful Ally To You

By Danielle: As I’m sure most of you know, astrology can be much more than simple entertainment. It can be very helpful to you in many situations and many areas of your life. Astrology can be beneficial when you are confronted with difficulties, dilemmas, and questions;  and it will also serve a good purpose in your everyday life.  If you have specific problems or general, basic concerns, gaining insight into astrology and its workings will help provide you with the answers you may be searching for.

Many people first develop an interest in astrology because they wish to learn about the future and what may be on the horizon for them.  This is certainly one of the most intriguing – and fun! – aspects of learning astrology!  Often, the passion for astrology becomes even stronger when you realise the wealth of information presented in your readings is not in fact solid and unchangeable, but more like a map.  


With dedication and determination, you can learn to navigate this map very well.  By nature, I am a mapper and a charter.  I love to sit with information and decode it, in order to create maps and processes for easier navigation and ultimately, for self discovery and solutions.  

Your astrology readings may tell you what is possible to occur, but it is your personal response to each set of circumstances in your everyday life which will determine your ultimate outcome.  Being able to know the “potential future” can be of great help when you are making your daily choices and decisions. It is much easier, and more empowering, to work with a potential outcome based upon your current trajectory.  You always have the ability to create positive change.

The subject of relationships is a topic-of-interest to many people who consult astrology for information and advice.  Whatever your relationship status, astrology can be helpful.  If you are in a long term committed relationship, astrology can assist you in better understanding your partner.  With better understanding, there is almost always better communication.  

If you are considering a special person as a “potential,” astrology may help you to determine whether you and your person of interest are compatible.  If you are (as many who become astrology-curious are) wishing for a romantic partner, it can help you get clear on what type of person you are looking for, and what kind of person would be best suited to you.

Consulting with a professional astrologer, or diving into some self-learning, will give you a much clearer view into your own personality and its workings.  While it may sound odd or impossible that being born under a certain sign points toward specific personality traits and characteristics, if you take a deeper dive into your astrological chart, you may be surprised at how accurate the information is!  

When this information is mapped out for you, you have the opportunity to decide if there are traits and characteristics which you wish to affect some degree of change upon.  You can see all of the positive aspects of your personality and focus on them, and put work into the areas of your life you wish to improve.

Astrology is also handy when it comes to relating to other people.  It allows you to achieve a better grasp on the dynamics of interacting.  Learning about how others’ personality traits affect their interactions with people will be a great asset in understanding your family members, coworkers, and people in your daily life.  It will help you to appreciate each person’s strengths; and it will also help you to avoid possible friction.  

All of this will assist you in creating stronger, healthier relationships and better communication – and clear communication can heal so many things! 


Love and Light,


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