Heartache – The Devastation Is Real

By Gabriella: Do you feel as if your heart has shattered into a million pieces, that the world is a dream happening around you? Everything aches and nothing makes sense. Remember you are going to go through a grieving process and even if you suspected partner or he/she started distancing him/herself the final blow of hearing it out loud or actually realizing the relationship is over is devastating. This is a huge shock not only to your emotional side but to your physical side too.

You will find yourself under a huge amount of stress. And this can affect all parts of your body. You could experience broken sleep patterns, light-headedness, sore tummy, headaches. To make matters worse this will probably keep you up all night going over and over and over all the events that led up to this point in your life.

1gabriella2 No, you are not going crazy, you are experiencing very real symptoms that are associated with heartache, which is very real. You are really experiencing so much pain and agony. So how do you deal with it, how do you feel real again, how do you feel like you are still part of the world? Sadly, there Is not an easy way to get through this. there is no quick easy fix but there are a few things that might help you come to terms with this hurtful situation. But I do promise that you will get through this.

One of the most important things you can do it talk to someone. Let all those rambling ideas, memories, hurts and tears stream out of you. Talk about your feelings, your anger, your sadness, your happy memories, your disbelief. It is very important to feel your pain, to go into how you are feeling and to acknowledge that you are a human with feelings and that you are hurt.
Turn to your friends and family or find a support network that will be there to listen to you.

When you feel a little stronger, here are a few things that will help you get to the next stage of healing:

1) Block your ex from your Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Yes, I know, you feel driven to see what they are doing, are they sad, do they have anew person in their lives but by doing this you are hurting yourself over and over again.

2) While you are lying in bed late at night unable to sleep stop blaming yourself or looking for excuses of their behavior.

3) Write – write down all feelings, you can even write a letter to your ex and let out all your frustrations and hurt but keep that letter to burn later. Don’t send it.

4) Start pampering. Start small with a bath, filled with bubbles and soak in it feeling all the sadness being washed away from you.

5) Use some essential oils to help lift your mood and emotions and to start regaining your power.

   a) Eucalyptus – this oil will help you with your overwhelming feelings. It will help release all negativity.

   b) Jasmin – it will help with grief and sadness and can help ease depression.

   c) Rose Oil – this will help with forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and your ex will help you move on.

This is what a break up can do to you emotionally but there could be physical pain as well.

Most people recognize the emotional pain. But physical pain felt during the grieving process is no coincidence.

Turns out, they don’t call it heartache for nothing.

Heartache can actually bring on physical responses… including physical pain in your chest. This “broken heart syndrome” can be triggered by the strong emotions associated with grief, anger and anxiety.

• Connect with your tribe. These are the people who get you and support you through good and difficult times. Periods of grief can be isolating and lead to depression, so make the effort to        lean on your tribe and stay connected.

• Practice mindfulness. Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques (such as heartfulness meditation) can bring you focus and comfort during times of loss.

• Seek professional help. If you’re struggling, consider bereavement counseling to help regain your emotional stability.

• Be patient. Dealing with heartache is a process, and it takes time. Sometimes, all you can do is keep breathing, trust you’ll come out the other side and allow time to heal your heart.

PLEASE NOTE: Seek professional help. If you’re struggling, consider bereavement counselling to help regain your emotional stability or deal with ongoing depression.

Slowly start a process of loving yourself again and feel yourself come back to life. If you would like some extra help form the Angels. I would suggest you call on Archangel Raphael, who helps us heal our hearts and stay open to present and future love. I am sending you all the blessings of love and healing and wish you a beautiful loving filled future.
Remember I am always here for you.


Love and Light,


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