Healthy Respect And Intentions In A Relationship

By Gertrude: A relationship or who you choose to fall in love with is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. One of the vital key ingredients to a long lasting relationship is the Art of Respect. Quite often, we feel neglected or disrespected in our communication with others.

This is true for any type of relationship, romantic, friends, family work colleagues, acquaintances, even people you meet and pass randomly.

The most common aspect I deal with as an advisor is the complexities of respect. Because each of us has a particular way to feel and be respected, it is essential to voice what is important to you. To also find out what the other person feels. While you may feel disrespected in a certain situation, the other person may feel how they have acted or what they have said is perfectly normal and acceptable.


When disrespect happens to you, take some time to cool down, collect your thoughts then find a time where you can express what it is you’re experiencing.

It is not intended for two people to instantaneously merge together when they join a couple. Instead, you keep your uniqueness. Everyone is expected to continue pursuing their individual hobbies, visiting friends, and gathering together at the end of the day. Just as crucial as spending time together is maintaining personal space.

1. Take your time and be deliberate.

Even though everyone’s intentions are clear from the start, there is no pressure to advance the partnership closer to a particular “objective.” Before making any more commitments, it’s critical to completely understand qualities, confirm the validity of the relationship, and ensure that the motives are good.

If you’re the one feeling that things are becoming stagnant or you’re finding yourself hesitating, it’s wise to look at the situation again.

2. Vulnerability is a virtue.

Vulnerability between two people ultimately establishes a deeper bond and brings the couple much closer. The intentions in a relationship should be to work towards sharing that benefit in order to strengthen the partnership.

You might have to show your knowledge of what are intentions in a relationship by taking the lead with deeper conversations that reveal who you are to develop a degree of comfort and trust so your mate can then open up as well.

In order to establish a level of comfort and trust so your partner can subsequently open up, you may need to take the initiative with deeper conversations that expose who you are. This will demonstrate that you have an understanding of what your partner’s aims are in the relationship.

3. Reject rejection from your thoughts.

It’s not your responsibility if a date or even a relationship doesn’t work out. There are two persons involved, and two people contribute to the fissures in the foundation.

When a relationship ends, you must make a commitment to yourself that you won’t ever indulge in self-blame. Instead, realize that while some things simply don’t fit, there may be something better in store for you in the future.

4. Though difficult, there is assistance.

Although you need to go a step further, the goal is to locate a companion who will support you in whatever you do and vice versa. Finding someone who will hold you accountable to grow further by encouraging you to follow your aspirations and persistently pushing you in new directions to achieve your goals is crucial.

The individual inspires and motivates you beyond your wildest dreams by reflecting who you are and who you aspire to be. At least they are the aims in a relationship, which is a mutually satisfying, content experience with the hope that it develops further.

5. How can you make your relationship intentions clear?

Finding someone who will encourage you to follow your dreams and consistently push you in new areas to accomplish your goals is essential for holding you accountable to improve.

The person reflects who you are and who you want to be, inspiring and motivating you beyond your wildest thoughts. In a relationship, which is a mutually gratifying, content experience with the hope that it develops further, at least, those are the goals.

How can you be upfront about your objectives in a relationship?

It’s wise to re-evaluate each person’s objectives for the future when you’re with a partner for whom you have deep feelings but things are stuck in one place and you want to move forwards.

If you and your partner appear to be on the same page but are unclear how to go past the hesitation, perhaps a qualified counselor can provide insightful criticism that will help you move forwards.


Love and Light,


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