Have You Been Abandoned?

By Anastasia: Why did they leave me? Are they cheating on me? When will they return? Why is always a key word. Abandonment is an emotion that usually comes up for the person who has been left behind. When we have given our heart and sometimes our soul to another person’s care and realize we have been side swiped emotionally, devastation sets in. Denial comes first, then we become some sort of secret spy and start looking through their phone and social media for clues.

If you have been in this situation you understand what I am talking about.


What can you do? Well, you have 3 choices: Do nothing and stay in known denial. Cause a huge argument and throw a stink fit which sets drama in motion. Or stand back and just sit with the information and lean in to your shock and feelings while taking some time to just “ be in it”.

I promise you the 3rd choice is the fastest way out of this mess so you don’t abandon yourself! I guarantee you will come out a better person for not engaging in your first instinct which is to pack their clothes and personal belongings and dump them in the street!

In the “Relationship codes of humanity” it should read, please show up for each other, love one another, and work through your differences gracefully. In a society that has turned into a less than honest openly abusive playground for the untamed heart breaker, its time to pull the heartstrings way back and repair this scenario or any relationship with respect for yourself as to not abandon your own code of ethics.

In relationships, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. We abandon our own needs and become so enmeshed with our partners, we forget how to set good boundaries. Am I saying you should not be hurt or be angry? Not at all! You have to feel these feelings to help you gracefully get through the betrayal. 

When you sit with the emotions of abandonment, you have an opportunity to get some insight to the pattern or progression of where things started going off the rails. More often than not you can retrace your steps and repair a damaged experience though communicating once you realize how your needs have not been met. The silver lining is this, the person who abandons you has reminded you of who you are and what you need and what you will and will not put up with. It’s as if the universe will fast track your spiritual growth and healthy sense of self if you let it. This lesson is a question to the very core of your soul. How much are you abandoning your true and sacred self for the sake of unhealthy attachment? 


Love and Light,


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