Full Moon In Pisces – Celestial Standards And Surrender

By Melissa: September 14, 2019 12:32 AM (EST) This Full Moon in Pisces brings a concentrated dose of energies that direct us towards the tension between our daily grounded lives, and with the spiritual and soulful realities that are present around us. 

Things are hyper sharp and real on the side of the Virgo Sun. The Sun is being flanked by the planets of love and War (Venus and Mars in Virgo) on either side, with Mercury in Virgo joining the lineup. 


Mercury is empowered and at home in the sign of Virgo. He is standing next to Venus, who is in her last degree of Virgo. Venus in the sign of Virgo is said to be in her ‘Fall’. A planet in Fall finds it hard to express their natural functions. Venus’s realm is that of beauty, love, pleasure and resources. While Venus was in Virgo we may have found ourselves needing to tend to the practicalities of our relationships and resources. 

Venus in the sign of her ‘Fall’ brings to mind the myth of Innana, Sumerian Venus, Queen of Heaven, Love and Beauty. Innana descends into the Underworld, where she is hung upside down on a meat hook by her dark sister Ereshkrigal. Innana’s faithful servant Ninshubar pleads for help from Innana’s husband and father, but neither would come to her aid. It was Enki, (Mercury), who, troubled by the story, came to Innana’s aid with his signature trickster wisdom. Innana’s descent into the Underworld is a story that illustrates the cycle of Venus as she moves from her Morning Star phase to her Evening Star phase. Other stories of underworld journeys are found in traditions from all over the world, and allude to the natural cycles of death, rebirth, purification and transformation in our lives. 

Venus together with Mercury here at the final degree of Virgo before moving into Libra at this Pisces Full Moon speaks to a story of needing to release where things have become too routine or stale in the day to day in our relationships. Before we luxuriate in the blessings of Venus in Libra we stand at a letting go of where we have become too critical of ourselves and/ or with my partners. The gentle, empathetic energies of the Pisces Moon can shine a light on where there may be a re-enchantment and magic found again in ourselves, in our own beauty and in our connections with others. 

On the flip side, we may find that during this time, some of our best laid plans get upset or eroded, forcing us to surrender. This is especially true if we have been too rigid or aggressive with wanting to push forward with a plan we have laboriously detailed over. The Pisces Moon is conjunct to Neptune. We may be asked to give up where we have been too focused or obsessed about a specific material outcome, in favor of a more soul-aligned result.

The Pisces Moon has the potential to bring down to Earth a sense of enchantment and magic that we may suffuse our daily lives with, while the Virgo planets can help us to hone our daily lives, gaining skills and living lives in service to each other and to the divine. And that, in itself is a kind of magic.Wishing you a most lucid and inspired Full Moon in Pisces.


Love and Light,


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