Full Moon In Libra 2021

By Melissa: Coming through the heat of this Aries season is a cool, balanced trine (triangle) of Air, spearheaded by the Moon in it’s fullness in the sign of Libra.

The headline in the past week was the Cazimi aspect of Venus and the Sun. The term Cazimi means to be ‘in the heart of the Sun’. This cauldron of fire at the center bestows purification and power to the planet. From here Venus reaches a point in her cycle where she goes from being Morning Star to Evening Star.


Let’s examine the themes of Aries energy carried by the planets at this Full Moon. Venus is in her detriment in the sign of Aries, opposite from her home sign of Libra. Her natural disposition towards beauty, harmony, love, aesthetics and sensuality has to find expression through the energetic, competitive, assertive, direct and Yang dynamism of Aries.

Venus is just emerging from her Cazimi with the Sun, who unlike Venus revels in being in the sign of Aries where he finds his Exaltation. Here the Sun shines with purpose, amplifying the boldness and leadership qualities of Aries. Sandwiched in between the Sun and Venus at this time is the asteroid Chiron, who carries the archetype of the Wounded Healer. In a birth chart, the placement of Chiron speaks to where we feel the pain and suffering of our humanity. This is where we feel ourselves falling short. It is through the exploration of the recurring pattern of this wound that we gain our unique wisdom, which in turn can be offered to others.

Chiron in the sign of Aries speaks to the difficulty locating a sense of self within. It could speak to the loss of the self through trauma, and difficulty expressing oneself. That Chiron is at the heart of the Sun now illuminates the Hero/Heroine’s journey undertaken to recover and reclaim the lost parts of ourselves. The second part of the puzzle is Venus. This configuration together speaks to the loss of the self that happens through the distorted lens of relationships. Most of us have given up parts of ourselves for approval or survival. With the light of the Sun shining fully on the face of the Moon now, we may have moments of clarity of how we need to heal and move forward more authentically as ourselves, the parts of ourselves we need to reclaim to find balance and wholeness as an individual in relationships.

The journey towards wholeness and authenticity is a challenging journey for most of us, and at this Full Moon I am thankful for all the teachers and healers who have been instrumental in helping me connect to my wholeness.

There is a beautiful flow of support for this process at this time, and for whatever we may be uncovering within ourselves and our relationship. The Grand Trine of Air, with the Moon in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini speak to the blessing of community, communication and finding our voice within supportive spaces. If you are finding this lacking in your life, the predominance of Air at this time also encourages a seeking out of resonant voices online.

May the energies at this time help you in your own Hero/Heroine’s journey towards embodying and shining your true self, and your true light in the world.

I am available to help you dive into the deep patterns and archetypes in your birth chart. Please get in touch below if you have questions or just to have a chat. I hope you have a most healing and fulfilling Full Moon.


Love and Light,


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