Full Moon In Aquarius July 2021

By Melissa: 24th July 10:26 Kuala Lumpur, 12:26 Sydney, 23rd July 22:26  EST

Community Connection and Social Innovation 

Falling in inventive, out of the box Aquarius, this Full Moon shines a light on the new and novel ways we are creating to stay engaged together, and in community. 

Covid-19 has forced us to change how we come together socially. Saturn in close proximity to the Moon at this time reinforces limitations and rules. We may see more laws or boundaries being enforced. The consequences of not taking the necessary precautions may also surface at this time. 

Our experiences at this time, and how we work to overcome these limitations, together, being key word here, will help us form the kind of resilience and community that we need as we create a better world and future. 


Shining a light in the dark

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we find the radiant, fun loving and creative Leo Sun. The Sun in Leo brings an abundance of life force and creative energy that may find itself frustrated at encountering the limiting force of Saturn. 

In Aquarius and with the Moon in this sign, this block or limit may be encountered in group settings or in community. However, the nature of the Sun and Leo is to shine. Sharing a ray of hope, brightness and encouraging those around you is a worthy endeavor at this time. This solar gold can shine a light, and help transmute and integrate the karmic lessons of Saturn which often bring a quality of heaviness and depression. 

Saturn and the Moon in Aquarius then can be a foundation, a solid rock of support and container for the manifestation of creative collaboration and well-being. 


Connection is a fundamental human need. It is a good time during this Full Moon to look at the relationships and connections in your life.

 How and who are you becoming during these difficult times so that you show up more authentically for yourself and others? 

The Full Moon is a time of release. We can at this time find cosmic support to severe old energetic attachments that are draining, releasing contracts and relationships that no longer align or resonate with our authenticity. 

The Sun in Leo can help us to welcome in connections that nourish, support and inspire us. 

Wishing you a meaningful Full Moon in Aquarius. 

Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes 


Vitality and creative flow seems to be at your disposal Aries, and others could be looking at you to lead them through a quandary with skill and inspiration. Shine on! 


A comfortable and serene home base will help you feel ready to take on the world. Be careful what energies you let into your space, both inner and outer. 


An influx of fresh and exciting ideas abound during this Full Moon. Which will ultimately hold up to truth? Follow what has gravitas and allow it to be your creative anchor. 


Review the relationship you have with money, and your values around it. The resources and values you share with others, and their behavior around this could illuminate a path forward for you.


Happy Birthday Leo! This Full Moon shines a light on the close, one to one relationships you have in your life. With Saturn in your partnership house, there may be additional responsibilities in this area of life. Release what no longer serves you here and celebrate those that matter. 


You are especially sensitive to the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. This Full Moon brings to the surface more that you are ready to integrate. This could involve a new discipline that you incorporate in your daily routine for your physical and mental well being. Release the noise and find the center within. 


Your characteristic diplomacy and ability to weigh between different options could be prized by your social circle now. Mediating, or being a connector between people and options could be a role that you find yourself playing at this time.


The Home and Hearth is highlighted at this Full Moon. This is a good time to reconnect with your family of origin, and trace how your roots inform your being in the world. You may discover a connection here that helps you fulfill your purpose. 


There are truths to ponder and wisdom to be distilled and shared in the wider world for you at this time Sagittarius. Your words, communications and connections at this time have the quality of being fun, and containing gravitas at the same time. Consider what you share wisely.  


The wise allocation and stewardship of your resources come up now. You may be considering a long term plan for your future financial well being. Consider how other people’s resources and needs play into this equation. 


You have been steadily chipping away and bringing to light deeper layers of your authenticity and strength. It hasn’t been an easy process. Focus on those relationships that provide the reflection of the light you are, and are becoming. 


The soulful work and connection you have been establishing may have gotten you doubling down on your spiritual disciplines. This Full Moon encourages an antidote to too much seriousness. How can you bring your fun, silliness and play in your day to day?


Love, Light and Blessings,


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