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Where do I go from here? 2016

Good question isn’t it when you look at your life and wander where am I going Many times the pain of a relationship a loss of a loved one even a loss of a pet can stagnate you from moving forward unfortunate you do not see this at the time because grief consumes you. I am here to help you with alternatives of how you can change your life have a better relationship understand that losing a loved one is just a transition and you can still speak to them they hear you even though you may not be able to see them other people can. And this is where life reader helps many walks of life; this is not just any site we care about you and where you are going in life, sure you have to pay for services but if you go to a dentist you have to pay so for my expertise this is no different. I care about you and what happens in your life and if there are changes that need to be made then I will advice you and give you the knowledge from the Angels. So let’s get started.

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Where do I go from here?

Okay let’s say that you think negative and you do not know how to get rid of this mind set and you have insecurities with your loved one or even friends. First of all you have to understand that no negative thought has any power over you it is just a thought and you have free will this is what God gave you in the beginning of time a very powerful tool to do either good or bad I call them choices what happens today is that we want to blame everyone else if we feel sad or upset and not take responsibility for our own actions.

This is easier then looking at one self so let’s use an example your boyfriend / husband /wife a family member says something to you that upsets you by their words that’s right there words not yours so why would you want to take them on board and get upset the more you get upset you give away your energy and then you become depleted and drained you have a choice if what the person is saying is not for your highest good all you have to say to yourself I am not going to take this on board as this does not belong to me they are not my words so why not make 2016 a year that you will change this for you it’s about time you feel more deserving of self and stop giving so much to others when you forget about you. And then you are left holding the bag of problems for other people this too is a choice as well free will.

It is okay to think of yourself and put you first this is how I work it to have inner peace is God first then Jesus then me and then people and animals. You can overcome anything with your own free will to have the determination to change anything in your life that is not for your highest good mentally psychically and emotionally if you have the determination your health will improve your relationship will improve and you will be able to hear your loved ones from the other side that if you choose to there isn’t anything in this life that is impossible you just need the guidance on how to get there simple as that,that is where I come in you need to be open minded this year you need to be loving and compassionate you need to be in a loving relationship you need to have more finances and make a list on what you need then ask the universe to help you achieve your goals. So I dare you be different use your free will

Year of change 2016!

Make this happen and your mind set you can do this make the changes that you have been putting off for years or even just months.

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Then work on all your fears one by one and remove them so you do not feel insecure you do not feel ill health you do not feel unloved any fear you can think of write them down and slowly move past them don’t let fear stop you from being confident in your own right. Fears of not being liked by people this to can make you a people pleaser what this means is that you really do not want to do something for someone and against your free will you do it any way to please them and then you resent yourself for doing it this is a biggie you need to work on if this is you.

Then you have the love addiction the same applies with your family and friends and you do anything for them to love you there is a high price for doing this you lose you and again you go against your free will and when you want to be loved know one is there for you. Think about this if you stay true to yourself and be who you are and if you use your freewill because you want to do nice things and not expect anything in return and you want to help others because it is a desire to do right by people do not do unto others that you do not want done to yourself then you have this right make 2016 a year of change and if you have any questions about this Blog please contact me through life reader and I can help you obtain the answers.

Much love and hugs to you



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