By Bridgette: In most cultures, we say that forgiveness is a divine quality, and I think that what we are trying to say is that the different experiences of love and hate create a different quality of energy. Forgiveness, which is one of the most challenging emotions to summon up, probably has a high frequency of energy attached to it.


We have to raise our own frequency to reach the level of forgiveness, but you will never ever be able to reach it unless some bright soul had shrouded itself in the deep dark cloud of being a real nasty piece of work in order to give you that experience. 

You know the old question that we ask: How could God allow these evil people to exist? You have to understand that the way the Spirit works is that in order for us to experience the high levels of energy, we have to be exposed to the lowest levels, it’s the only way of choosing the act that represents the higher energy, or cloudy old karma of our own. It is literally like talking about how light and dark are always related to each other. So in order for us to reach the higher emotional qualities… We must encounter the lower emotional qualities. 

It is worth aspiring towards “forgiveness”, and other qualities of energy, feeding the Greater soul and burning of the personal karma. These are saintly acts because the soul’s self grows with a higher quality of energy. It is the soul that emanates all of this. It is the soul that has the body after all. When you say to yourself, “I am trying to evolve to a higher spiritual consciousness”, It is your ego that is saying this, when you say to yourself, “I need to experience forgiveness so that my soul will grow”, this is the soul animating you.

And that is why we do things like meditation, in order to get beyond the ego and get to the purer sense of self, the self that remembers that time and space is an illusion and death is an illusion. So the purpose of our spiritual life is to become aware of the bigger process, and allow it to happen. By becoming conscious of ourselves as part of God consciousness, we let go of petty ego concerns… We burn off karma.

Pre-incarnated souls have a contract with each other, that they are going to have some sort of relationship on earth (that also might explain Soulmates) And so the one soul says to the other..”when we go to earth, I am going to mug you and stab you in an alley, and you are going to have this terrible experience, in order to do this, the soul that is going to do the mugging has to cloak itself in such deep darkness that it completely forget it’s soul nature. All of these is in order to give the other soul the mugging experience, because by giving it the mugging experience, it gives it an opportunity to learn forgiveness.

Just feel how it feels deep down in your soul when you let go of any unforgiving deeds done to you in the past. This is freedom from attachment. This is the power of “forgiveness” this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

So wake in the morning as a free soul open and willing to love all that is… I bid you love and joy… Blessings be the reward. With love and light, may you follow this path of ultimate bliss…


Love and Light,


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A Clairvoyant/Psychic gift cultivated since a very young age, under guidance from her Grandmother (who comes from a lineage of shaman and psychic mediums).

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