Finding Peace After A Divorce Or Relationship Breakup

By Cheanne: How do you find peace and understanding after a divorce or break up of a long term relationship? Picking up the pieces of your life and finding a new path, with new dreams can be overwhelming when you are in the midst of grief.

When I went through my own marriage breakdown, I found comfort in my painting. Since taking up painting in my late 20’s I had found art to be a gentle catalyst for healing. It was a creative space to reflect and an outlet to express feelings.

1cheanne2 As I transitioned through my divorce, I created a body of work that embodied this healing time. This work was built around my study of the male form in its Angelic representation. Each piece held a message that would help me to move through my grief. I felt the vulnerability of the male form, its strength, and most profoundly I felt its divinity. I was able to make peace with the masculine energy and presence, not just in my life, but also within my own inner self.

As I healed more color and vibrancy found its way onto my canvas. This color reflected a deeper connection with my own dreams again, I realized that up to this point in time, I had stopped dreaming. So I started to make plans for my new future. The new excitement I started coming from seeing what I was creating in my painting time.

The process of moving through a break up is not always elegant, but it’s okay to honor where you’re at, and find acceptance for the choices that have brought you to this point in your life.

I highly recommend the power of a creative outlet as a way to guide you through this time. It is inspiring and empowering to create from a blank canvas, even during stressful times. A creative outlet is a great way to find peace and understanding, it can become a meditation practice in its own right.

I believe it is important to find your own activity or calling through which they may feel this sense of connectedness. Whether it be painting, surfing, or gardening.

For each of us it is different, but you’ll know when you find it. Time will seem to stand still and you will feel an effortless flow. When you’re in that space you don’t wish to leave, but even when you do, the impact of the connection that you create will be carried with you. This connection helps to guide during times of grief and hurt.

If you have found your creative outlet, honor it, and stay true to it! May it be the healing tonic you need to guide you through grief.


Love and Light,


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