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By Gertrude: For me, affirmations are essential. Without them, I have less depth when it comes to connecting with my clients. Since I can remember the stars, especially held fascination for me. While we have the zodiac with 12 constellations, in fact there are 13. It is to Astronomy I go for our source of spiritual connection. 

We know through astronomy that stars are created within a nebula. That means that the ancient constellations were in existence for our birth despite the zodiac timing. We also know that scientists have found stardust in our DNA. 


For me, it explained that spiritual connection I got when I connected to them. You may have lost a loved one. Or you might be grieving over a relationship. I love doing Astrological readings as I can apply it to many areas of your life.

To locate your personal star I need your date of birth. If you want to connect to a loved one’s star, I need their date of birth. This is how I calculate the constellation first. Where Astronomy really differs in my readings is that there is a thirteenth constellation. A very important one as well. 

For those of you who feel the spiritual shift, this is a great place to start. It is a confusing time and all the strands that create our unique being are being pulled tight right now. It can be difficult to either have the time. Or separate the messages we are picking up. Also to evolve so that you are able to connect through the universe. 

Modern mediumship isn’t about hocus-pocus or trying to convince you that a loved one is sending a message. It is a collaboration of all of our energies working in harmony. Having a portal in our galaxy that you can view. Exposes the mysteries of life. Indeed, in the conscious universe that we are trying to understand. 

The strands of DNA particles that we leave traces in the universe are vessels of information. As well as stepping stones to advance our own connection. This is not to pull back the curtain to see the other side. But to flow with our spiritual and soul journey. 

The beam of light your guiding star radiates is constant. You can see the light radiating and use it for uplifting vibrations. A star’s frequency is in perfect harmony within the galaxy. Use if for influencing mindfulness and to the absolute mysteries that surround us. 

Right now the universe is asking us to sit down. A time for humanities introspection. To close down in a physical sense in order for us to nurture our spiritual path forward. Communication and quality of communication is vital. Especially in these times. When we need reassurance that our community as well as ourselves are safe and working as a team. Now more than ever true friendships and companionships will shift. There will be those that if they have passed or drifted from our lives who are seeking enlightenment. What’s better than your birth star?

I am here to help your journey. To create self-reliance. Where you begin to trust your own messages and signs. To give power back to you when it comes to feeling whole within our human nebula. 

Many of you are also on your meditation journey and this is another way to create peace and harmony. Anxiety and haste have been part of humanity for generations. Now you find yourself in a time that this generation of humanity has ever seen. Never has there been a better time to learn to exercise your own powers of spiritual intuition. 

For me, as a medium or if I am looking into a twin flame situation, I first cleanse then tap into my personal birth star. As this is my core connection and as I understand the magnetic spectrum of the cosmos source of my spiritual light. Completely pure and only touched by our vision. A creator. A force and power so vast it transcends light-years. Such is her respect for us. 

The wonderful thing about stars and constellations is that they exist even if we can’t see them. This might be due to location or weather patterns. That only blocks our view. You star no matter what unconditionally shines on you.

For those of you who simply want to absorb the frequencies of our exterior and interior nebulars you can begin by imagining the night sky. If you have a night sky view. Take a quick photo of it, even if it is cloudy. From a window if it is raining. Just because you can’t see something that is pure doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

If you would like to explore more and this resonates with you, I would really love to invite you for a reading. Sometimes we get distracted by material goals, a lover, a job, a lifestyle. Our true goal is understanding where we came from. This includes all levels of our lives. I also work with the four Archangels and the four elements Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. We begin our journey on the spiritual foundations of these 4.

If you are into Astrology this is a great way to connect on a deeper Astronomical level. Together we can explore what influences are around you and occur in a celestial sense.


Love and Light,


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