Festive Tie Part 3

By Ann: This is another year and a new year ready to be reborn. I would like to thank you all for the time to get to know all of you. It has been a really trying year. And many prayers have been done and some of you are still waiting for the events to happen because of there being no accurate time, it does not mean because it has not happened it will not happen. The angels are working around the clock every second of the day.

ann3 The Angels have said, “Call us, we will be there for you. Jesus was born so you could have life. He has always been and will always be here for you. His promise was called on me. I will be there for you. Ask me and I will give it to you. Accept me and you will never perish. Love unconditional the way I love you. You all put things before me, you try to control everything in your life and when you do not get what you want in your time, when you want something to happen and you do not get it, you blame me. Let me say this to you.. it does not work this way. We only give to you when we know you can handle what you have asked for. We have seen throughout the centuries that people have asked us to help them get back with their loved ones even though they have said to us, things would be different, and they will change their behaviour, and make it work whether it be a relationship or anything to do with this life. This saddens us is when the people receive they forget who gave it to them.”

You have free will, this is what God and Jesus gave you. Why not decide? 2018 is a new year for change and to live life with inner peace.

As Jesus Said. “I did not forget the Father when I was coming as a sacrifice for you. I did not forget my purpose I came to you because of my love for humanity and the greatest love was for the one who sent me.” If you do not live for anything in the world that you cannot live without, you would not be tossed around like the ocean.

And not to stress, but to make every day count and be grateful for the things that you do have and not worry about the things you do not have.

Only you can make the change by asking us to help you, we will guide you. We were here before you. Do you not think that we do not know what is right for you? God made you like himself don’t you think that he knows everything about you. There is not one thing that can be hidden from God. He sees all good and bad and yet, he loves you all the same unconditionally, in the hope the person will use his/her free will to turn to him.

You were born and had your parents waiting for you. Your heavenly Father is also waiting for you to help you obtain the true meaning of life, love, peace and joy. The message is clear, “Love one another as I love you, turn to me, I will always be there, accept my son Jesus Christ and be reborn. I gave my son, so you could have everlasting life and live life in peace. Do not use your free will to bring sadness upon yourself, do not let another person’s actions bring sadness upon you. Trust in me and be patient in your faith, you will receive what you have asked for and if you get impatient, then you don’t really need it, or love what you were waiting for.” With total faith, Jesus went through a process he could not get it over and done with, it was in God’s time when Jesus was born and when he passed, it was not man-made time.


My prayers are with all of you this Christmas, wishing you A Happy New Year 2018.

Love and Light,


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