Festive Tie Part 2

By Ann: Another year is nearly over as we have all traveled down Many roads in 2017. We have all had our problems waiting for the love ones to come in and career change, And hoping our love ones stays with us over Christmas because they are sick, missing our loved ones that have passed.

ann3 You should not be feeling lonely on spending Christmas on your own or missing your family members who are disgruntled with you. There is good news. Do you realize all over the world, people are going through the same thing not just you. I have come across many people that dread Christmas. For instance, my Grandmother passed on Christmas day, so every Christmas, without a doubt, I say Merry Christmas to her and to my parents who also have passed. I am not saying it is easy, most of all, I am so compassionate and sensitive to your feelings and also sensitive to my own. But this is a time of the year that regardless of the circumstances, Jesus Christ was Born on Christmas day and he came to save us from all the suffering so that we can all have eternal life. When the new world order arrives, he will not say that you would not suffer until then. Problems come and go. No one will be free of issues in their lives small or big. The good news is when you talk to the Angels and depend on them to help you and of course, the highest of high is God himself and his Son Jesus Christ they carry all your burdens and worries.

All you have to do is ask them to help you through this Christmas and every day of your lives. There is not one thing greater than having inner peace I found. No matter what issue arises, I delegate this to God and he fixed this. Always asking through Jesus Christ out of respect because He was our savior, you may hear people say I love God and their actions shows. Otherwise, you need to feel God and walk the talk, Please keep in mind, we are human but our spirit is of God’s consciousness. All we have to do is tap into this universal life force. It is that simple, Jesus loves you unconditionally no matter what, He came back to give you everlasting life so that we would not perish, the suffering he went through to obtain this for us is far more than we have gone through in this life. Jesus has never turned His back on us and He never will nor have Good people turn their back on them. This is really sad when it is easy to blame them for what happens to you, but it is humans that create problems. People say if there is a God, why does this happen to them? Because He gave the greatest gift to you, it is free will and this is what people use to create good or bad.

The Angels have said this to all of you, “Ask us for everything do not sit at home and feel you are alone, call upon us, we will comfort you then you will feel the inner peace and the unconditional love around you.

With your loved ones that are sick, we are with them to path the way and help them get through the most trying time of their lives. And feel the joy of Christmas with Love for them.

With you because you are waiting for your partner to return to you we are working overtime, so they see the light and gently guide them where they are meant to be, with their soul mate.”

Do not fear in your traveling ask God always to protect you so you have a safe Journey.

Jesus told us to not worry, He knows your needs before you do. He has always been there for you and has been waiting for you to ask Him to enter your life. He cannot be bought with anything of this world. Lucifer tried that He told him to go away for our Father is greater than him. He was tested for forty days and forty nights did not quit. He knew our father’s plan to save all his people. He endured it all for the unconditional love He has for all of us.

Jesus is always reminding us this.

“When you call me,you will feel me. I love you and I understand you keep this close to your heart and just simply ask me for anything. I will give you what is good for you not what is not good for you so think before you ask me.

Do not think my heart does not break when I see you suffering and you do not turn to me, I am not of this world, nor am I a part of it, put your faith and trust in me and obtain the inner peace you cannot buy.”


No one is alone and I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy new year for 2017.

Much love and Hugs,


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