Festive Tie Part 1

By Ann: Well, you all know we are reaching the festive season with love and Joy and hopes we will all be with the ones we love and to be able to achieve the things that we want by the end of 2017.

ann3 Let me say the Angels are working overtime for you. I have done a lot of prayer work for the people and I would have to say the Angels always follow through, also this can be a very emotional time this time of year when you have lost loved ones in passing my heart goes out to you all. Keep in mind death is not what people think, I do not believe anyone dies as a medium. I see they just go to a different plane and back to God’s consciousness. You would have all suffered hurt and pain throughout this year and wanting to let go of the things that are not good for you. Some of you would be still waiting for things to happen and patience is not the best thing when you are learning to be patient as well.

When you understand how the Angels work you will have the inner peace believing they will follow through for you. Keep in mind that when you try to control a situation, it can get worse and you can delay things with your own free will. It would be far better to let go and delegate every concern you have with the Angels and all you must do is ask them to step in and help and they will. But it is no good giving it to them and then taking it back, so you handle it, you need to surrender to the Angels and leave it with them.

It is like you want to build your house and you are not a builder and you try to do this yourself how many mistakes will you have made before calling a genuine builder. Therefore, I say you need to just delegate every concern you have to the Angels and they will help and carry you to get where you need to go and have the things you have been waiting for. Of course, in their time, not your time. It is so easy to be caught in a rut and think negative and I know that you try hard to be positive it feels like you are not even in control of your own mind you are consumed over a life situation and it repeats in your mind all the time sometimes you feel there is no way out of this situation.

Well, there is all you have to do is once again delegate to the angels and if you do not know how to do this I am more than happy to help you. You can have what you want in this life, it is all about the journey on how to get there and a lot of people do not know how once they go down a no through road they give up. What I would do is turn around and go back and find another way of getting where I need to go and not give up. It is easy to give up and say it is too hard. Once again, before I turn around, I would ask the Angels to help me get where I need to go and then they would guide me onto the road where I need to be and gain success.


In part two of Festive Tie, I will explain to you what are the most important things to remember at this time of year.

Hugs and Love,


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