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Often the case is all we want is to be loved and happy and have inner peace. This should be so easy but every day we go through daily trials and circumstances this can make you feel sad and depressed and even a little anxious and unloved and judged, by a work colleague or a family Member or a loved one or a friend. Let’s look at something okay when you get up in the morning do you feel that your day is going to be good? Or negative? before you start the day or you try to avoid your partner or boyfriend or even a phone call from a needy friend, when you feel guilty because you feel this way you hate that side of you. Stop right there you will become trapped and then you fall into the illusion that you are a bad person and because you feel guilty means that you believe that you behaved badly.

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Now let’s look at feeling good okay if you do not want to take a call this is okay no one says that you have too so don’t feel bad, if you feel judged then you still don’t feel bad this is the other person trying to put their guilt on you. And this really belongs to them. So no need to react just stay feeling good about yourself no one should be able to change your moods and how you feel, you could wake up in the morning and start your day and say I am feeling good and I am going to have a great day I am breathing and this is what counts to me what I am going to get out of this day as this could be my last day there is no guarantees on this life how long we live for death will come for all of us no one escapes death this is a stage of life that is inevitable. Now feeling good will help you live a fulfilling life with the way you think before you start your day and before you go to sleep at night before going to sleep you could ask the universe to protect you and renew your mind while you are sleeping I say the prayer like this

Mother father God please wrap me up in your arms and protect me from the evil one I ask this through Jesus Christ.

This is what I ask before I sleep I do ask the universe for everything I would ask God to renew my mind and then when a problem comes then I ask God to handle this because then I do not stress it is far better to delegate your problems to the universe God then you carrying it in your psychical body and get sick through worry. When A problem arises you can throw all your anxieties on God not just one thing everything that is concerning you God said so why not try this? and always ask through Jesus Christ here goes on feeling good do this prayer three times a day out loud and see how good you feel and have the inner peace. Imagine if you did not have a shower for a week you will feel yucky well this is how your spirit bodies feel and your chakra systems because they have not been cleansed and showered everyday do the spiritual shower when you wake up in the morning before going out your front door this will make your mind and spiritual bodies clean and then you will be able to get through the day happy and not be effected by anyone’s energy good or bad you keep your own energy intact after all you are responsible for the way you feel remember never feel guilty for the things that you do not do this is why God gave us free will to choose and your friends and family.

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And co-worker’s bosses have to respect your free will of course if we are instructed to do a job by an employer we have to do it of course we get paid a salary.

Blessings Ann


Mother, Father, God, Christ Conscious Energies, please place a light beam around my bodies and fields.

I release all agreements, subconsciously and unconsciously, with any Detrimental Entity, Astral Entity, Earthbound Entities, Negative Force, Low Frequency Energies or any Dark Forces.

You have served your purpose well; you have kept me limited. The limitation is no longer required.

Archangel Michael please collapse the light beam away from my bodies and fields and take these beings away from my bodies and fields.
I ask this through Jesus Christ.


Mother, Father, God, Christ Conscious Energies,
Please place a light beam around my bodies and fields, so that I am totally protected from all dark forces and negative thought forms.
I thank you for this day,
I ask this through Jesus Christ.


Mother, Father, God, Christ Conscious Energies,
Please place a light beam through my crown, all the way to my toes,
Sealed at my crown, sealed at my toes, I am totally grounded.
I ask this through Jesus Christ.


Archangel Raphael, please send the light of Mother, Father God, to heal my bodies and fields.
I ask this through Jesus Christ.


Mother, Father, God, please send Archangel Michael to protect me as I sleep. I ask this through Jesus Christ.

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