February Nebula’s Love Influence

By Gertrude: Great news Astronomy Lovers. We have some amazing nebula’s cruising around our Galaxy.  The Eskimo, The Flaming Star, Christmas Tree Cluster, JellyFish and The Rose are the major Nebulas for February. 

Let’s start with The Eskimo. It is also known as the Clown-faced and Lion. It is in The Constellation of Geminorum. The numbers associated with The Eskimo is 4 in terms of absolute magnitude. It’s dimension 48 x 48. 880 parsecs. Visual magnitude: 10.1. 

The face of The Eskimo a fur-lined parka. As a result of stellar winds. Which has created a massive space bubble. It is also the baby of nebulae at this point. As it is only around 10,000 years old. So what is intriguing with your love life is that it brings in new love. New chances and new beginnings. 


The Flaming Star is in the Constellation of Auriga. It is believed that this star originated in Orion’s Belt. The numbers that are linked to this nebula are: The apparent magnitude of 6.0.  The right ascension formula is 05h16m 05s. 

This is a two-faced entity. One face shows emission, the other reflection. It is a blue that glows red. So this is a time of passion. From communication and interaction, this is a time where love can certainly glow and ignite. 

The Christmas Tree Cluster is in the Constellation of Monoceros. The number factors with this are Right ascension: 06h 40m 58s. Apparent magnitude: 3.9. Distance: 2,600 light-years. 

It lays within the Celestial equator. Its name means “unicorn” in Latin. Through this time for love, you will find some unique opportunities. Like the Unicorn. One of a kind. It is also a time to look forward to avoiding not being heard or like the Unicorn left behind. 

The JellyFish Nebula is the galactic remains of a supernova. It is in the Ancient Constellation of Geminorum. Around 5,000 light years from Earth. It originates from our own Milky Way. It was triggered, collapsing rapidly as well as an epic explosion. 

This nebula is about disharmony and being disenfranchised in our relationships. This can be a time of explosive emotions. Passions and jealousies. Don’t allow overthinking or putting your own spin on a situation. Things may be very different from how they seem.  

Numbers that are connected here are that It has a spatial diameter of 70 light years. The apparent magnitude is 12. Declination: is 22° 31 05. 

The Rosette Nebula is located in the constellation of Monoceros. It is also known as The Skull as it also represents the human skull. It also has a close association with the Unicorn. Its numbered coordinates are 6h 33m 45s for the right ascension. The visual magnitude of 4.8 and it can be observed by the naked eye. 

This is a time of thought, where with emotional intelligence the Rosette of Love can bloom. This is also a time where it is important to think things through. Take into consideration long term and far-reaching consequences. 

Because within the bud of the rose are hot clusters of stars. They give off intense heat as well as radiation. So this is also a time of caution. Where you are asked to look deep within not only yourself but others. 

It can be a time of triggers and is a zone of caution. With the Rose comes thorns. So be careful where you place your heart and loyalty. 

Because The Skull and The Rosette intertwine, it is also a time to see all perspective. To understand the underlying causes of any disharmony. Not just the symptoms. 

So February is a time of magic. Especially when it comes to love. All is possible through this phase. And we are also asked to not wear rose coloured glasses or take things for granted. This is a rare opportunity to look at things realistically rather than as an illusion. 

This is a time of deep introspection. Gathering the information that you need to make plans for solid outcomes. A time to come closer in terms of ourselves. This is where we align with the universe. The Age of The Great Conjunction.  To reflect as well as contribute to who we are and what is in our best interests. 

In this period of re-birth when it comes to love, we can also find forgiveness for ourselves and of others especially for those who have had heartache from a love affair. This is the time to dream big and to move on from hurt. There is much energy in the galaxy right now. So take advantage of these energies to enable the ignition of love. To use the power of the heart of love over fear. A time to conquer and a time of love rewards. 

I would love to chat with you more about your own unique situation. So don’t hesitate to book a consultation. 


Love and Light,


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