Fallen Angels And Free Will

Many religious doctrines hold that the fallen angels who went astray are not necessarily earthly people, but have great influence in the lives of earthly people.

In this light, Satan and his followers are a perfect creation gone perfectly bad, inherently evil and never to be redeemed, nor can they return to God. Their sole purpose is to defy God and distract earthly souls from remembering their divine origins, the; FALL: of Satan and his legions of angels as an inexorable, unforgivable movement of consciousness which. God himself cannot rectify. He sees the fallen angels as being beyond hope, their wills hopelessly twisted and condemned by their own selves. All that was love within them is turned to hate and cannot be redeemed. Whereas God represents life, light, hope, joy, and harmony, the fallen angels are hell-bent on destruction, chaos, hopelessness, fear, and guilt.

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These are the powers through which the forces of darkness, Satan, operate in the material world. Just as there are powerful angels of good and light which help bring into our world the awareness of God’s love, majesty, and beauty, there also exist the corresponding opposite demons which manifest hate, selfishness, prejudice, and mayhem. The reality of malevolent angels is difficult to dispute. Although there are many forms of evil entities, demons, and fallen angels, they are all attributes of one evil source —– Satan.

Our souls always have free will to choose to do evil or good. God’s creatures were not intended to be automated robots that would blindly follow his commands, but it is Gods desire that they be wilful beings that choose to be one with him. In many instances the readings emphasized that God has not willed that any soul should perish nor be lost, but has with every temptation prepared a way of escape. With our free will, we can always succumb to such temptations and fall under the umbrella of evil influences. On the other hand we always have at our disposal the help of the great angels and archangels—- a divine promise, as stated in the Bible. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” {psalm 91;11;12} The determining factor is how much we believe In this promise. If we reach a point of despair where we are no longer listening to the voice of intuition—- a point for example, where we have given up due to material circumstances—– then we have cut ourselves off from the help and hope which emanates from the angelic kingdom. We are always in the presence of God, no matter how distracted we become by the cares of the world. But we must, of our own free will, call upon God and his angels to help us.

God cannot intervene where he is not wanted nor invited. The injustice which humankind will do to its brothers and sisters, for instance, has nothing what so ever to do with what God wills for us. God gave us the ultimate gift; His own ability to create whatever he desired. This truly is a double-edged sword-especially when we choose to be diabolical to one another. We create our own adversity through operating under the law of Karma: What we put out comes back to us sometimes a hundredfold. There is the misguided notion that God doles out karma, watching and waiting for the opportunity to smite wayward souls. But rather humanity’s adversity becomes Gods opportunity. People pass through trials and tribulations specifically so that they might rely on the God unseen. Yet he cannot stop what has been willed by humanity. When God gave the soul free will, he gave it very powerful tool; we may use our will by choice to live a life in harmony with God, or we may use that powerful faculty to wreak havoc and destruction.

God is lonely for souls who choose individual experience without respect to his consciousness. There is waiting, a watching, and when necessary, intervention in our lives from his angels who come to remind us of whom we belong. The issue at hand is whether or not we are listening to these signs; our faithful God is calling us, in love to return to the domain of consciousness with him.

Often the case is what you can not see that created Problems in your Life. You do not see the air that you breath and air can take lives. Try to be open minded with. If you have any questions please contact me.

Blessings Ann

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4 thoughts on “Fallen Angels And Free Will

  1. Michelle Sonza

    I believe I have a strong sense of determination and good will, I think there are forces strong enough to intercede. There’s no other explanation in my life other than these spiritual forces.

  2. dr sunny m Shelley

    Very nice ! however, I must intersect, there are absolutely no thing the the Creator lord God of Israel, can not do,he can rectify anything! His hands are in everything, they are never tied, and even the hopeless can be helped when we as light divine beings join together in prayer, and asking of God to help those demons, and mislead souls. I work with this everyday of my life!It is why I am here on LR! As Many of them are right here on LR! when you stand in the blessings of Creator, anything is possible,Gods Blessings continue in your life Ann, much love xx Warm Regards Dr Sunny Marie x


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