Emotional Jet Lag

By Gertrude: Emotional Jet Lag is where you are in different zones when it comes to your love timing. This can manifest in many ways, not just on a romantic level, but our work, our soul and spiritual paths. 

If you are in a relationship or emotionally intimate where the other person isn’t coming forward or isn’t ready for a relationship, this can be an emotional jet lag. In other words, the other person hasn’t caught up in the present sense of time, because they are being held back or not prepared to take the next step of commitment. While you are in a place in terms of your love goals ready to receive and give love. However, the jet lag for you is that you have been waiting for the other person to catch up. 


How to get out of this cycle varies, each and every one of you is an individual and so are your love interests. There are three ingredients that are needed. Time, Communication and Action. There are conditions for each. 

Time, never be in a hurry. If a situation isn’t panning out. Time has its own agenda. Right now imagine that time no longer matters. Take it out of the equation. Through this, you may be working on issues of frustration and impatience which mask the need to know an outcome. When it seems uncertain. 

Think back 5 years. Was there something that you decided not to do because it would take too much time? If you had done it, that time passed regardless. It won’t wait for you. We have it as a tool, to utilize what we have in the time frame of now. What you do with your time manifests your outcome. 

Always reside in your own time-frame no matter what. It keeps you in touch with vital opportunities in other areas of your life. In fulfilling this important duty to yourself you are growing. 

Waiting wastes time. Hoping the universe throws you the lucky love jackpot wastes time. Now is always the time to be firstly focusing on your life path, enriching it to encourage the right people and situations to enter. If the person you love isn’t there yet, make it easier for them to be drawn forward with you. Once you have grown through a period you can’t go back. 

Waiting for someone to come back to you or wanting a relationship to progress, halts the process. While the other person is moving forward as a result of taking the time to be introspective. Looking at the levels of commitment they are able to maintain. 

Communication is essential, both ways. When someone tells you they aren’t ready for a relationship, believe them. Respect their boundaries. Allow them to grow. Often when someone is in this frame of mind, they just know themselves best. There is never a danger that if you let go and grow that the chapter of second chances won’t open in the future. 

Progress cannot begin on the relationship until you both decide to make progress on your own communication first.

Listening is also a fundamental part of effective communication. It is a learned skill. Something that we need to always maintain, never take for granted. This isn’t remaining silent while someone is telling you day is night. It is listening to their perception. How they really see things in that moment of time. 

You can never make another person do this, even if you could, this is a completely heartfelt and soulful agreement by two people that is needed to work. Right now it is important that you work on your own communication. Not with others but with yourself. It is okay to say “I want a romantic relationship with all the bells and whistles”. It is important that you know that and speak it as your truth. 

In turn, listen to yourself. Are you being clear with what it is you want? Ask yourself why if someone isn’t ready for a relationship what is to stop you from still pursuing your own inner happiness. Never sacrifice an important goal in order to be in a relationship. Instead, continue with the goal and learn to draw the elements you need. When time says it’s right. 

Action and activity are vital if we are to make an impact in a favorable way in our lives. We can think and talk and truly come up with the solutions we need. However, if we procrastinate or fail to take the initiative ourselves. It is like buying a beautiful plant and not watering it. 

The final key when we are in an emotionally jet-lagged relationship, then the action needs to begin in your life. It is the difference between failure and success. Whether or not a seed blooms or fails to ripen. 

If you would like some insight into what you can do in the meantime. I would love to have a reading. This way we can pool our knowledge and take a deeper look at what you need now. Allow me to blend my counseling and metaphysical skills so that you thrive throughout this period. 

We all know that we can’t change someone’s perception, nor can we make them ready. It isn’t always that love is enough. Often other people have their own soul journey that they have to complete as well. We struggle to know our own true ambitions, much less another. 


Love and Light,


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