Dreams Are Projection

By Bridgette: Dreams are projection of dynamics from life scenarios that take place parallelly. That is when you are present in the exact same real world, you have a form, but at the same time you understand that you are outside the physical body and can Model any situation…

That is, if you model a situation, then… Does the full synthesis of these levels take place at the same time? But, in principle the powerful synthesis happens, like the same synthesis as in reality, because a dream is the projection of the dynamics that takes place in parallel…

But, because of frequency changes, the refraction takes place through the perception form. You realize yourself through your dream, then the refraction takes place through a higher degree. To a greater extent this happens in the form of “events that in fact happen to you in parallel reality”.


In dreams, when there is some kind of realization from the position of your physiological feel. This happens in self – cognition as such or other situations, by feeling, tactile, or orientation, for example the relation to something, to some actions to actions of someone or something. This is a deeper realization (not from the position of chemistry) but the position of experience sensation, realizing where you are not able to realize yourself physically (to say it does not exist on the physical plane) then you set a program for yourself… example and start to enter a lucid dream. Each one has his or her own method and consistently realizes all that you planned for yourself…

This is what happens or this is what’s realized, in fact, it turns out that you refocus to such, where the situation is possible, where there is “say” a certain building or house, it is a particular building or house or these are particular people. If you met these people in your life you would have learnt that this is him or her in these particular clothes or behavior… and so on.

So dream is a projection of dynamics from life scenarios. The difference between out of body experience and meditation and lucid dreaming is that many things in dreams happen without your desire. What will happen in the dream itself is that you will have no idea until you enter the dream, and a variety of events and situations start to happen with you as it seems out of nowhere, independent from you independent from your inner states. Your inner stat may be quite benign to develop, may be quite aggressive.

Therefore, I think the use of such methods as refocus of some medium or lower center (subconscious) everything will turn into a completely different direction and you at those levels do not know how to behave or what kind of decision to make so that it would correspond exactly to the human development direction.

The difference with meditation is concerned with realization of some particular conglomerate. So meditation is more narrowly focused… It’s realized with the help of a larger volume of information. Out of body can also happen in sleep, like during a coma. It is possible to leave the body to observe the room or the world, observe everything that happens in the room or elsewhere, in a way this is the exit of the body and it can be intentional as in meditation, arbitrary can happen through specific states of the self-conscious nous, like in dreams.

So! To be conscious of this will give scope for understanding one’s conscious focus and subconscious download of information, which is a great self-reflecting process to understand the human mind itself… Sweet dreams and may your dreams be filled with love and light.


Love and Light,


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A Clairvoyant/Psychic gift cultivated since a very young age, under guidance from her Grandmother (who comes from a lineage of shaman and psychic mediums).

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