Dreaming A Better Future

Freud believes that the subconscious mind holds a lot of our hidden secrets while repressed during the daytime, come through in our dreams at night. Here I would like to share how keeping a dream diary might help to unfold the mysteries of our everyday problems.

It is essential to have a notebook nearby upon waking to jot down the dreams as they are fresh in our minds. Do not be confused by the seemingly meaninglessness of the dream itself as when time passes you will start to see issues reoccurring.

Anxiety surfaces in the sleeping mind and nightmares and vivid dreams are indications of things in our lives that need attention. People often dream of not being prepared for an exam which shows maybe they are not facing certain facts about themselves or need to try harder at some areas in work or study. Dreaming of being chased is another common one where we are avoiding issues or afraid of impending events in our day which may confront us.

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By writing down every morning the narrative of the dream world, we can come closer to solutions that can help us. Common repetitive symbols will emerge which after time, we can associate with people or objects even memories which need further investigation.

Happy dreams can be escapism from dull and mundane tasks which fill our working lives and upon waking, we feel loss or sadness that the people or events in the dream vanish so quickly. Not to worry, with determined minds we can create this reality in the waking world also.

So in effect, taking hold of our thoughts and interpreting them can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and our futures.

Happy Dreaming!!

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3 thoughts on “Dreaming A Better Future

  1. Susan obaña matthews

    I would like to know if I’m still can fined partner in life a man who can love me more than I love him ?? And give futures someday I am separated to my ex over 3 yrs ago please need answer my question thank you

  2. Kevin

    What is my future going to be like will I be wealthy and have happiness and luck and love will I find my another soul mate.


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