Doubting Thomas

Think about this, Thomas was a man and even though the Arch Angel Jesus Christ entered our world, he was a messenger and healer. He came to spread the word and through miracles because people could see with their own eyes what empirical Jesus performed they believed. The things even though they did not see the Spirit, the creator the life force of us was talking to Jesus and helping Jesus perform these miracles the world knows him as God the father of Jesus.

So where does doubting Thomas come into it? Well, he sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver through doubting Jesus even though he could see the miracles that he performed the reason why I have written this article is for the people that doubt the universe the life force, arch angels and energy.

Because they cannot see anything happening in their lives even though they pray and ask God and they eventually do not get what they want. They walk away and turn their back on the eternal life force. If this is you then you need to have another look at your thoughts and how Jesus was not a quitter he was an arch Angel that came to the earth out of love for his creator and for mankind. If He did not have to do this, he could have stayed in his dimension with God. People believe this is heaven. Out of love he did this to save humanity. No, it is not a myth it is true! He loved us so much that he became the human sacrifice. It is so sad really when it needed to come to this if Jesus had not done this we would not be here today there would be no planet earth and we would simply not exist.

Have you ever thought of where you came from did you ever think that you could have come from where Jesus came from and planet earth was a testing ground to see how many people would love one another and Love God or the universe?

I am a strong believer of prayer work and it works but time is not ours, we did not create this God made but what is his time? A thousand years can be one day.Doubting is not the way to go in this life, you need the universe to cover your back and be there to support you and who do you turn to when you have grief, broken up with your loved one someone passes, children giving their parents grief and parents giving their children grief, court issues all your troubles they will be there for you?

But if you doubt they cannot help you if you do not ask they cannot help you because this is what we have is free will and if you think that they just help you without asking this is further from the truth. You believe in an illusion.

Forgiveness, how many people can you forgive or do you have a problem in forgiving someone that has brought you harm and said horrible things about you of course there is a lot more to say why you do not want to forgive? But have you thought it is the person’s actions that you will not forgive? Well Jesus forgave all of us through the father God. And if you have trouble forgiving then you will carry this miserable emotion with you for the rest of your life and get sick, and you do not want this do you?

So better forgive the person, it does not say that you have to hang out with them but you are allowing that person to still affect you if you do not forgive they are still affecting you and as soon as you do forgive and let it go and move on you will get over it, And feel a lot better.

You can believe you have heard the power of attraction that is what Jesus has and still has it today the Bible is the bestselling book and has been for centuries even though I would have to say that it has been added to and taken away from by man the word that is. So many religions have their own bible. So what is true? And what is an illusion? Have you ever asked yourself? Interesting isn’t it when you put some thought into it? If you want your loved one back? If you want your finances to pick up? If you want your marriage to survive? If you want your children to love you? If you want your parents to accept and love you? If you want the career path? What are you doing about it are you still doubting are you hanging onto a grudge then that is not the law of attraction you will never obtain these things without you forgiving and loving and believing with your own free will and ask God and Jesus and the Arch Angels to help how are you going to get there it is not working your way is it are you getting what you need out of this life?

If the answer is no, then you need to change your thinking process and we are never too young or too old to change. Come on the adventure with me and let me show you how you can get what you need and want but you have to stop being a doubting Thomas. And you know, even when Thomas sold Jesus to King Herod Jesus forgave Thomas now that is love he did not fall to the negative forces he stayed true to the path of light. You can have the quality of life and the health and love everything in this life once you stop doubting and believing.

Thank you for reading this article. The love I have for you and the universe God and Jesus is always willing to help you anytime any second. They will carry you and all your troubles, it’s that simple.

A boy told Jesus, “Why have you allowed all the suffering in the world?”. And Jesus turned around and said, “I was going to ask you the same thing why have you allowed it?”. So we all can change but it has to be by your own thoughts and free will. If you have any questions please come on to Life Reader if you want prayer work done. I will do this for you if you do not know how to pray I will help you.

Blessings Ann

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