Don’t Panic! Mercury Goes Retrograde

By Melanie: Mercury goes retrograde Tuesday, March 5th 2019 until Thursday, March 28th. Don’t Panic! Breathe. I am here to help give you a few tips on how to handle this energy and what will make this easier for you. Some people see Mercury going retrograde as this awful scary thing. I used to feel that myself, but I’ve learned over time, the more I understood this energy, and knew how to work with it, the easier it was to get through it, so if you read this article, you should be one of the lucky ones to “survive” Mercury Retrograde.

1melanie2 To start; important information to know is that each year Mercury goes retrograde four different times. What does Mercury going retrograde mean? Well, we all learned at some point in school that each planet orbits around the sun. Every planet goes “retrograde”. Retrograde motion is what astrologists refer to is the basic illusion of a planet moving backward in orbit. Each planet, Mercury included has its own unique qualities and energies that it represents and affects on is Earth in our daily lives. When it goes retrograde, it then shifts those qualities and it changes, this is the same for each planet in our solar system, same basic principle.

Mercury is the ruler of communication, the mind, thoughts, and the planet of the written word. So when it goes retrograde it is natural that it can mess with our communication and anything that has to do with communication.

You will find there are a few things that can happen when Mercury goes retrograde:

      • Miscommunications of all kinds occur (especially during emails and text messages)

      • Travel plans get messed up (canceled, booked wrong, cars break down, etc.)

      • Electronics malfunction

      • It is ill-advised to begin something big/new or make big life decisions during this time.

How can we be proactive and help ourselves during this time?

In short; keep all of the above things in mind.

  1. When communicating about anything, especially written, clarify and double check that what you think is being said is actually what is your interpretation.

      2.  Save all important conversations for in person, or even wait if possible until Mercury Retrograde is over.

      3.  Try not to have major travel plans during this time, if you must triple confirm everything and label everything.

      4. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get everywhere

      5. Back up all electronics! Expect things to go wrong

      6. Do not sign any new documents, or start new jobs/ventures until after- this will just need to be re-done afterward

      7.  Anything that starts with the letters “re”– as in Redo, revisit, renew, review, reevaluate, etc. It is a perfect time for.

      8. Go with the flow!!

      9.  Expect the unexpected.

      10. Breathe and laugh off the delays and setbacks.

Remember, each planet and energy is here to serve a purpose. Mercury retrograde is here for a reason. It forces us to slow down, to take a look at what we can re-do and change that isn’t working for us. It makes us really look at things again, give things a second look. If you work with this energy rather than against it, you will have a much easier six weeks rather than fight it.

Although it’s retrograde until March 28th, we will still feel these energies for an additional week or two during what astrologists call the “shadow phase”. This is when Mercury is still slowly picking up speed and sometimes during the shadow phase its retrograde energy is even stronger.

People tend to get into more fights over misunderstands during this time. I always advise my clients to try to give people they care about the benefit of the doubt at this time. Usually(sometimes it is, keyword is usually) a missed call, text or date isn’t intentional. Try to reflect on what isn’t working and what is. Meditate and find peace. As always, if you need support, reach out for a reading! This is about your attitude and mentality, if you think “ oh no! Mercury Retrograde! It’s awful” That’s what you’re going to get… more “awful” so be happy and work with it not against it.


Love and Light,


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