Does self-Doubt stop you from trusting everything?

Are we a healer? These voices or thoughts in my head, are they my own or from spirit? Can I really trust that they are unbiased? We all have these doubts. Whether they are in your normal life or at work, partying with friends or even watching a sporting contest. Deep down you pick something up. A friend hears you say something and it happens. Are you Psychic, is your intuition really that accurate.

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If you answered these thoughts in your mind then I would say “Time to start trusting yourself again” You are in tune with yourself and your surroundings but guess what. Logic that part of your brain that tells you are mistaken and you should not listen to yourself, why would that be true, he or she does not like you, and it does its magic on you. Sometimes your little voice known as the Inner critic really takes hold after that and starts to put you down. Slowly but surely your trust in your own thoughts gets questioned, in the subconscious then on the surface. He does a good job at protecting you doesn’t it. This again filters out into all aspects of our lives and everything we do we doubt.

To counteract this process we need to have a look at where this came from or why these thoughts turned up. Maybe and most of the time someone else put you down at one point or you even made a fool out of yourself by saying something that did not gel with a friend or client. Your trust in yourself has taken a blow. That is ok, that was before and not now, you have grown and changed since then. Like most people we begin to think we are crazy if the voices in our head get loud.

How can we stop this and become the person we know we are deep down and trust our own inner voice without getting nervous or worried of becoming a fool in front of people?

– Begin to really feel into things again, you stopped doing this and now trust has left the building.

– Write the thoughts down in a notepad and tell no-one. Let it play out and then check what was written down. Were you close or accurate?

– If you feel comfortable again, Jump in the deep end and tell the client what you see. Also that this is what you see does it make sense to you.
As we all can do 2 or even 3 things at once we can only think of 1 thing at a time.

Try this with your family or friends names.

Say in your mind someone you know name, now think of another name and say that one in your mind. Gets tricky now, say them both at the same time with your mind. Not possible you say (If you think you can try it again you cannot.) Now you have proven you can only think one thing at a time, ask yourself a question. Did an answer come before, during and after the thought? Most likely yes it did.

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The first or last answer is you. Where did this other answer come from? Your Guides/Spirit? Yep sure did. Remember you can’t think of 2 things at once you proved this yourself. Now the answer is there, feel into it, go to your heart and listen to what it feels like, does it feel good. You may not like what you heard and sometimes clients or friends do not like hearing things either but we tell them from our heart.

Do this a few times a day, and your own confidence will build again, we have retrained our belief pattern. You trust in yourself will grow as the days change, you will grow and change.

Now is the time to start believing in yourself and trust the feelings deep within, letting the surface ones disappear.


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Ivan is a Psychic/Medium, Spiritual healer and Past Life Regressionist, with the unique ability to feel and experience things from the clients perspective and guide them to where they would Love to be.

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