Clearing Your Chakras and Auric Field

Clearing your Aura and chakras are something we all seem to forget to do. Most of the time we forget they even are there, we only notice there is something not right within us, a heavy feeling comes over us or we feel out of balance in a certain aspect of our lives. This is a sign to begin to see if they may need attention and clearing.

Our Aura and chakras can collect Emotions, Thoughts that no longer serve us but we love them anyway, Other peoples energy. Each one builds if unchecked and we begin to feel the effects from them over time. A sense of heaviness is the first sign that they are not functioning or have collected unwanted energy, unwanted energy is what I call energy that no longer serves our Highest benefit, it is neither good or bad but bot suiting us anymore.

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Some people can see them, but we all can learn how to sense them and even see them ourselves, practice will play a part in this process.

Once you have sense of where they are on you, the clearing or realigning can begin. If you feel that they may still need some ore attention from a Healer seek one out that you feel comfortable with and allow them to clear what you may not see yourself or your kind does not want it cleared. The Healer is an outsider and will do what is needed to help you where our minds will skip over painful parts we do not want to see as we go through them ourselves.

I see the Aura system like a hazy energy filed with colours and feel other peoples energies like little walls we pass through, Chakras or energy points are like a heat wave coming of the road, with my hands I feel the energy swirl in directions. Many will say the spin in different directions, and also for men and women, see if you can feel them move and which way do they spin if they do. Placing your hands just above a friends body as they lay down in the locations mentioned below will give you an indication of the different feelings between each Chakra. Swap over once you written what you have noticed and let them feel your chakras. It can be very fun and exciting when you notice them.

We have 7 Chakras we are all aware of but there is also our Earth Star chakra and Soul Star chakra.

Here is where they are on your Body or in your energy field and a basic overview of their function.

Earth Star – Grounding in to Mother Earth – Located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. It is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body.

Base – Base of spine – Helps us with Survival Instincts and ground us into our bodies.
Sacral – Between pubic bone and belly button – Our Self-esteem, Self-worth.
Solar Plexus – Just Below our rib cage – Self-Power, our inner strength.
Heart – Centre of chest – Our Love centre.
Throat- Throat area – How we communicate with the world
3Rd eye – Centre of our Brow – Psychic centre, our inner vison on how to see the world.
Crown – Top of our head – Gateway to our Spiritual world.
Soul Star – This chakra is situated above the highest point of the physical body… and is approximately a hand width above the head… or around six inches, and up to two feet in some people – It relates to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme Divine wisdom and spiritual compassion.

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Each of these power centres work as one and if just one is over used you not used at all an imbalance occurs and we just feel out of whack. So regular clearing or even just visiting them will help you stay in balance. Even when we are not sure where they are, going through them will allow us to notice the energy they create.

There is a very easy way to do this- Whether it is to Clear/Balance them or to discover where they are on your body.

Find a nice comfortable place to sit or lie down. Closing your eyes bringing your attention down to your feet, then just below your feet and in your mind ask your earth Star chakra to spin, this thought will allow the energy point to move again and also allowing you to feel where it is (Do not be concerned if you cannot feel them to ok, for the more you do this the more you will notice the energy changes going on in the area of the chakras). Now move your awareness up to the base of your spine again asking it to spin, Now move to the Sacral area repeating the process as you go up your body, Move to your Solar plexus, Your Heart, Your Throat, Your 3rd eye, Your crown, your Soul Star.

As you go through them you will notice thoughts and feelings arise, if not that is ok, the whole point here is intention. Do this daily or weekly or even whenever you feel out of balance.

Your Aura is an Energy field surrounding your body.
We have the

Physical Aura – 0 to 50mm from the body
Emotional Aura – 50-150mm from the body
Mental Aura – 150mm-300mm from the body
Astral Aura – 300- 450mm from the body
Etherical Emotional Aura – 450mm – 700mm from the body
Etherical Mental Aura – 700mm- 1000mm from the body

Some will be further away or closer depending on the Strength of the person energy. Each of these Aura fields affect us differently, they pick up excess energy from the people we interact with and also our own thoughts are stored here.

A wonderful exercise is to have a friend stand with their back to you and ask if you can move your hand closer to them making sure your hand is in front of your body, taking notice at each shift in pressure as you get closer. Swap and let them do this to you. Go a little further and do this with both of you closing your eyes, then have the person facing away close their eyes and you quietly walk closer and have them mention to you when they feel your energy do this a few times to get an average disatance.

Clearing them is also vital, for our own inner and outer issues start from them. We feel a cold coming on are words we say a lot, so as the energy field is weakened we can allow sickness to come to us.

To clear the Auric field, Get comfy close your eyes and bring your awareness into your solar plexus area. Building this energy up with each breathe, visualizing this energy becoming a ball of light, allowing it to fill your entire body as you breathe. Now slowly with each breathe expand it outwards filling each layer with this energy, stop at each layer and take a few breathes here to give this energy time to clear anything that maybe there. When you feel like moving n go to the next one and repeat the process. As you travel through your aura you will again notice thoughts or images appear in your mind, just witness them and continue until you have gone through each one.

Once you have gone through your energy centres and Aura, have a feel and see if you notice a difference. Some may take a day to notice others you will straight away. Keep in mind if you do not notice it does not mean it did not happen, you may not be as sensitive to energy to pick up the differences . There is so much information on the internet and we all have a different view on them, so seek out what resonates with you and get to know your own energy system, once you are aware of it, your life will change and become even more exciting.

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