Does He/She Have Feelings For Me?

By Gertrude: Quite often when we are in the first stages of a relationship, we are unsure of where we stand with the person we are developing feelings for. It is not always easy to just ask flat out if they are interested or not. None of us likes rejection, so more times than not, we aren’t in an emotional position to ask. 

There are quite a few ways that we can get some insight into this. 

A number of non-verbal clues can often give us some insight into how someone else is feeling. 

1. The eyes are a really good way of establishing contact. Eye contact is a very valuable source of information when relating to each other. Looking someone directly in the eye when we are making contact is important. 


While at the moment many of us are in a lockdown situation, so physically distancing. Modern technology is allowing us to socially connect in its various forms. So video chatting, facetime are all tools that we can use to connect with someone. So this is a valuable tool to use when it comes to how someone is looking at us.

Science tells us that when someone is interested in you their eyes dilate. The wider their pupils dilate is often an indication of how powerful their emotions are. So even though we might not be verbalizing to each other, our eyes will be telling a much different story.

2. Mirroring is another very important and powerful non-verbal tool. This is mainly done through body movement. Also leaning into each other is another sign that you are growing closer and the person you are interested in, is interested as well.

So a shift in body position and that person also changes their body position to mirror yours, is an indication that they are into you. You can do this as a little bit of a test. As it shows that the person is watching what you do on a deeper level.

This is also a way of establishing rapport with someone. This is generally done on an unconscious level. It can often show us what the other person is thinking when we also look at their body language.

3. Touch is also an important contact between people who are establishing a connection. A light touch is important when we are moving closer in any sort of relationship. However, for the romantic kind touch is especially important. 

This isn’t done in an overt or sexually motivated way. It is more of each of you reaching out to establish the physicality. Touch is a way of exploring. All of our senses are on a higher alert when it comes to the more romantic type of relationship.

And not just with each other. But also the gestures we give in a general sense and to ourselves. Often playing with our hair, or making more personal gestures is often a sign that we like someone. When we see it in others it can sometimes be an invitation to grow closer and to connect on a deeper level.

Right now, you may be in a situation where your romantic interest is new. Or you are wondering if an old flame or a relationship that hasn’t worked out still has ignition. So this is one way of establishing if there is still a spark that can be relit. 

It isn’t just non-verbal clues we look for. But also in the way that we communicate.

1. Someone you are chatting with is flirty rather than just being friendly. There is a subtle difference between the two. If someone is really complimenting you and they are letting you know that your interest in them is appreciated. This is a very good way to give you encouragement. They will also show a personal interest in you. 

2. Your conversation. When you are having a conversation with someone who is romantically interested in you, take note of the questions they are asking you. Or even if they are asking you questions at all. If they are then there you can discern between them being friendly and generic questions, or if they are flirtatious. This is where you go deeper into conversations and they become more personal. Not just what you do or what you are up to in a general sense. 

3. Laughter is also an important connection. When someone is really taking an interest in our conversation and who we are especially when it becomes more romantic. The laughter that you share lights up both your eyes. It also brings a special bond. It shows that they are listening to what you say. This doesn’t mean that you are cracking jokes all the time. However, it is a good sign that what you say matters and that it uplifts them. It brings your moods and understanding of each other closer.

I would love to have a chat with you if you aren’t sure how someone is feeling about you. If love is in the air for you, take the time to see the verbal and non-verbal signs that can bring you together.


Love and Light,


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