Demonology Part 2

By Ann: Sometimes you wonder why things happen in your life and often we think that curses, spells and other forms of black magic has been placed upon us because of all the bad luck and mishaps we are having. Let’s look at it this way, demons have been around from the beginning of time. They have been around to create all the stress of the whole human race. The greatest trickster makes you believe there is no hope in your relationship, He separates people, the greatest thing Lucifer did was to influence your thoughts and make you believe all your negative thoughts are real and this was going to happen to you. There are many other names of demons and the reason why there is a demon for every addiction known to man.

ann3 It is sad to think why God would allow this to happen to us. Lucifer did put God to the test and said that all human beings will serve him and not God. Gold told him to do what he wants in a certain period of time. Then, He will return and will wipe out Lucifer and his doings, well this is happening a lot in today’s world. Just have a look around, What do you see? Can you see beauty? Can you see happiness? Can you see love? How many times do you think negative and think there is no way out? Well let me say this, there is. God is the true power source. If you do not plug in your radio, it will not work. You need to stay plugged into God. So you can guard against attacks that corrupt your way of thinking and this prevents you from running optimally.

God is the only one that can read your thoughts, not Lucifer. Lucifer can give the negative thoughts but he cannot read your Mind, he can only go on your actions and what you say out of your own mouth. Think of how God sees it, look at how he thinks. If you remain plugged to God, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you, this is a simple way of looking at God and the demons I do four years of demonology understanding the unseen forces good and evil, then I did four years of bible studies.

I understand how God works and the demons, It is a battlefield going on in heaven and earth. It is between angels and demons, the angels want to save us and the demons want to destroy us and show God there is not one human that will serve him. We all have to become better listeners, you need to choose words carefully. We all know the power that words have and we have all been on the receiving end of cutting statements that were designed to (and succeeding in) hurting us deeply. However, there are times when we intend to say something, but inadvertently caused the listener emotional pain simply because we used the wrong word.

Think of a simple phrase like, “you’re being really stupid!” this creates a course and effect and the demons know they are having fun with you with your emotions. Then the hurt escalates and this can go as far as creating separation from a partner. The way it works is the demon gives you the negative thought you think. If you speak it, then you put it into action and create what you were thinking.

So you need to listen to others and make sure what you are hearing is for your highest good and if it is not, then you dismiss the thought so the demons cannot use it against you. When you speak, you need to think is this word going to be kind to the person? Who is going to receive the word? it is always better to say things in a loving way. The demons hate the word love; a demon use deception and has misled many. (Where God is Honest with people) Lucifer is an archangel that has gone horribly bad against God’s creation, he deceives, he does not tell the truth, he knows nothing of love, only destruction and hurting people. You need to wise up, there are ways he can get to you. Through your own thoughts and if he cannot get to you, this way he will use family against you, and if he cannot get to you this way, he will use your friends to get to you, and if he cannot get to you, he will use your health to get to you. He will use anything he can to get to you.

If you have any questions I am here to help.

Hugs and Love,


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