Demonology Part 1

By Ann: Hello there guys! This is an interesting topic to read. Demons are an invisible power in the world today. There is not much happiness happening. There are only separation between relationships, friendship, children and parents, as much as we avoid these but there is only hurt and destruction. When you look at the media it is all negative, I do not see anybody laughing at the news.

ann3 Satan leads the forces of darkness. His former name Lucifer means “ bearer of light”, he was an Archangel that went bad against God. He knew God’s master plan, and it is to have his creation love him. And Lucifer wanted the same plan, to turn people away from God and serve him; Lucifer used his Ego up to date. He is doing a fine job with people. There are so much destruction and grief in the world. Satan is called the devil and he is your adversary in this world today. He is your enemy, These demons seem to operate invisibly in governmental centers such as national governments.

These powers cannot separate us from God, but only by your own free will. You choose what you believe, demons can only give you thought forms and to manipulate you into believing what you are thinking is true and correct. When in fact, it is not true and correct. Before believing anything that is destructive and negative, it would be far better to check it out first. One classic example are court rooms, they have the prosecutor, the devil and the defense, the Angels. It is a battlefield in the courtroom, which one is going to win? Does the criminal walk free or does Archangel Michael get justice?

Satan has innumerable demonic forces at his disposal: The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one. We are living in the last days. Demons are possessive and seek to take ownership of the human life that they invade. You do not see them coming. Have you ever felt that life is going so good and the carpet has been pulled out underneath you? Demons can plant thoughts and influence mental health. Every addiction that is in this world is created by the demons. There is an individual demon for every addiction.

They love tormenting people and making their lives a living hell. They come to you like a thief in the night. The only way you can be free of the demons is call on Jesus and Archangel Michael. I have been in places where I have done house cleansing, and the furniture are moving, lights going on and off and doors slamming. There has been a foul smell in the air; you can see them, you know they are there. Demons love this sort of stuff frightening people and for people to live in fear. I call in Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael to cleanse the house, this is the only way the demons flee.

Satan loves breaking up relationships separation is his number one plan. Misery is his second, destruction is his third, and I have seen a lot in my life. I have seen people and light workers being thrown on the concrete, down stairs making the innocent guilt and making the guilty innocent in a court of law.

Demons are everywhere, everything you say out loud they hear. And they will use what you say against you, like a prosecutor in a court of law. Demons are in the churches, they are in everything on this planet earth. They cannot read your mind and only God can do this.

Let me cite an example. John was driving on a straight stretch of road late at night when he saw a dark figure run past his windscreen. He pulled over fast. He thought he may hit someone on the road. No one was there, a week later, a man was driving down the same stretch of road and ran into a tree and died. This is what demons do, they fly past your windscreen and show themselves as a person, or an angel of light to mislead you. Always ask God and Jesus to protect you in your travels and when you sleep at night because you are most vulnerable in your sleep state. They influence you in your dreams, nightmares, and get you to believe they are real, when they are not.

Demons know your past, present and future the same way God does, God is the only one that can read your thoughts. Speak to God in your mind so that the demons do not hear you, be one step ahead. If you look at history, the demons have created so much mayhem. A demon can influence people to talk to you and tell you how bad a person is. Have you ever heard anyone say the devil made me do it? Well this is true but you do have free will to choose God or the devil. You cannot serve both, it is one or the other. I do not shake hands with the devil. I work for God and Jesus Christ. This gives me inner peace and God, Jesus Christ and the Angels have not let me down once.


Hugs and love,


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