Deep End Of Love

By Ann: Waiting lets your partner see how much you care, Maybe they have just come out of a long-term relationship, or they simply do not move as quickly as you do. By giving your partner time to make their decision, you are not only respecting their wishes, but you are also showing them they are worth waiting for.

It is like one is ready to jump in the water, heart and soul, feet first coming up for air treading water. The other person is still in the shallow end being cautious. 

They may want to slow things down, not ready to meet you in the deep end.
There can be various reasons for this. They may want to be with you and enjoy this freedom with you, but life’s obligations weigh them down. They may feel trapped with life problems.

So you need to meet them in the middle, then gradually they realize it’s not so scary when your feet do not touch the bottom. You can both swim independently together and not drown.

Until then, they feel they cannot give you what you want. 


No one can always give 100% especially when we have children. As adults, we understand we can be on different emotional levels and that is okay.  We can encourage them with our lust for life to have fun and be adventurous and be brave to leave the shallow end. Do not give up on them and they will want to be with you because the shallow end is not much fun. Our children want to see us have fun and be happy, our ex-partners do not always want us to be happy, but that is their problem.

Once you move forward, you will realize it is not so hard after all. It’s okay to need someone in your life that does not make you weak. They fulfill you. and can compliment you and them. When you like yourself, you will attract people to you? Just like we need water and food, we need love. Wants can be selfish and needs are a two-way street because you get what you give. 

Waiting for someone to catch up emotionally to your needs a lot of patience. It takes maturity and communication on both sides which is worthwhile in the long run. This builds trust and security with each other and a strong bond. Letting go of an ex after a separation is like unwanted baggage that has been hoarded.

It is not needed and you both need to be free and move on. If there are children involved, their needs can still be met. Do not let the other parent use guilt to entrap you. They are miserable and want you to be miserable too, and this is a form of control.

If you have met someone else and want to take it slow, that is okay. Just be thoughtful if they are more committed or want to go at a different pace. You eventually will leave the shallow end and enjoy the deep end together.

Support each other and be mindful of each other’s feelings. Be brave and kind and have fun and enjoy life because it goes too fast.

We do live in a troubled world we can all make a difference by loving each other 


Love and Light,



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