Deal-Breakers And Boundaries

By Gertrude: You broadcast how you will allow a person to treat you based on your deal-breakers and boundaries. It is certainly a synchronistic event if you have been drawn to reading this article. If you resonate. This could be for you personally. Or you recognize this issue in another. Where they may have to press the reset button. So whether they are ours or someone else’s’, these subtle boundaries will create obstacles to achieve your goals. 


While we all have a set standard and feel that our own boundaries and deal-breakers are fine. And mostly, they are. The problem often exists and occurs when we don’t stay true to them. When we become vulnerable, it is in our nature to draw people we love for reassurance. If it is the person or goal you are reaching out to, what is causing uncertainty, it can become emotionally complex.
When someone we love has left us, or is treating us badly we often forget our boundaries. For some, emotional abandonment creates what I call an emotional amnesia. Where you break or ignore important defense warnings. We can become needy, feeling the only thing that would make us better is to have things as we want them. So it makes us feel we can’t cope with the loss. But to our real detriment is when we don’t honor deal-breakers. They form cracks in your self-belief and foundations.

This is where self-doubt, obsession and that sense of loss riddles holes into our confidence. No matter how unhappy you are right now, you have the tools, the emotional intelligence and life drive to succeed. I would simply love to assist you opening up all of your wisdom and insight. You can do this.

For those of you reading right now, who would like a 101 life counselling session in setting your boundaries and defining your deal-breakers, I would be so happy to work with you. As a unique individual. I tailor each session based on You. I love telephone counselling and would recommend that as a preference. However, chat is fine if you aren’t in a situation where you can use the telephone.

We also need these in all facets of our lives. Not just in a relationship. Also with work, career, co-workers, colleagues, associates. As well as socially with friends. My expertise is in family bonds and relationships. Be it your childhood experience, current or you have a family of your own.

Are you ready to manifest the life you deserve? Remember, manifesting isn’t the magic of the universe throwing what you want your way. Just because you thought it. All thoughts require actions. Otherwise, it is never more than a thought. In setting your blueprint of how you want to be treated, you will learn the no-nonsense reality of truly creating what you need. Needs are a very different thing to want. That old saying be careful what you wish for, is the core of positive and negative outcomes.

As a holistic counselor, I use all of my abilities. Not just the metaphysical, but the ones I have also trained in, in a more traditional way. I’m a no hocus-pocus reader. I look at current life situations, combining counselling techniques, life and professional experience. Unlike a clinical counselor, I will bring my heart and wisdom to your session. As an empath, I will center on viewing your very best options, whatever your situation or issue is. My metaphysical tools are remote viewing where I tune in to current situations through a band of time, for insight into thoughts deeds and actions I can pick up on through my spiritual abilities.

If you are planning to book a reading, then I ask you to do a small exercise prior. This will also save time. So that we can really get into a healing session and separate reasons and excuses. Work on what is important. In doing this it shows you and the universe your desire to now take control. To be self-reliant. You haven’t wanted counselling for me to tell you want you want to hear. You want change. Now is the time to start.

Find a quiet place. Clear your mind. Breathe in and out to the count of 6, ten times. You will see in your mind’s eye, a number, a colour, and a situation. Write all three down and have it ready when we start your reading. I also do dream analysis, so any outstanding dream, write that down too.

In the mean time, your most fertile and productive opportunity to move forward, take the time to breathe and recharge your inner battery. You are preparing for your next phase, where all that you have learned so far, is no longer a stumbling block, but more a stepping stone.

Remember Light is Life.



Love and Light,


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