Dare to Date Your Mate

By Counselor Karen: So many people today are neglecting what is one of the most important relationships in their life… their marriage. It is a myth to think that you can be married and not have to work at love and romance. Most marriages that end are because two people quit trying to keep the passion alive. So this Valentine’s Day and for each week after I challenge you, but more so dare you to date your mate!

Dating should be implemented in your life just like going to the barbershop or hair salon. In other words, you should be doing this on a regular basis. Dating your spouse can be one of the most joyful things you can do. Not only are you going to find out just how much they still love you, but when you are lost in the craziness of everyday life you tend to forget how much personal time together is needed.

Dating does not have to stop with age or years of being together. Having that touch, that flirting like when you met, and doing something you love together can bind you for the rest of your life. You will find dating each other that you end up falling in love over and over again. Who does not like the new feeling of love? Even better love with the same person.

I have been married 22 years to my best friend and love and I will admit there have been times that money was the reason we could not go out as much, but on the other hand money does not have to be the reason you don’t date. There are so many things you can do that don’t cost anything. Spending time together can be taking a walk, having a picnic on a beach, sitting in a car, or even going to a park. It is not the thing you are doing that brings you closer, more than the emotional connection you will have on these dates. It is a time to forget the hectic schedules, the mom and dad duties and just focus on the other person. You might even find you miss them during the week until this one time you get to be alone and realize it was all worth this one moment of time with him or her.

Romance is not something you have to learn. I think for most marriages people forget the reason they fell in love so dating is a way to bring all those memories back again. Circumstances can steal all the joy out of your life, but it does not have to steal the joy out of your marriage. Marriage is a blessing. To find someone that wants to be in your life forever is a wonderful thing!

So this Valentines Day when you are blowing off romance because you think you have been married too long or just bored with the thought of your current life circumstances, make plans for you and your spouse and continue to do so at least once a week. I promise if you do that the love will keep getting stronger and you will become the power couple you always assumed you would be. But life just got in the way! So for so many reasons… I dare you to date your mate!


Love and Light,

Counselor Karen

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