Cupid – The Roman God of Love

Cupid’s began as arrow boy about 3,000 years ago. He represents the passion and desires related to people falling in love. He carried two arrows one for love and one for hate. With all the ups and downs that every single one of us goes through in a relationship, it doesn’t surprise me that someone thousands of years ago started shooting people with magical arrows of emotions.

As, legend has it cupid even shot himself with one of these arrows on accident, when his mother Venus asked him shoot a mortal named Psyche, that she was jealous of. Accidentally he pricked himself with it and fell madly in love with Psyche.

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I believe this ancient myth to be true because love is such an amazing experience but it can make us feel the highest of highs and the lowest of the lows. This can be a very confusing time because these are to very extremes. This can leave us wondering which arrow cupid has struck us with, as love can be very sweet.

The highs in a relationship can be felt usually right away that’s that instant connection once you and your partner’s eyes meet and you just know, at that moment that they are different from anyone else.  Most the time these are connections that we have made from a previous life. The whole world seems to fade away as they start to invade our hearts and minds. This is truly an out of this world experience.

However, sometimes when we get hit with the love bug or cupids arrow our lives can be a mess and so can theirs. The reason for this is everything leading up to you to meeting and the relationship could have failed, in fact most the time it has. This can leave us disappointed because we desire to be swept off our feet and loved.  This is partially because of the ideas that we have on how we are supposed to be loved.

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Love always has a great deal of pain that we just can’t get around because it’s a part of a bigger plan. This plan makes our souls evolve. This means that we often get let down because our love doesn’t play out or live up to our acceptations. We often get caught up in the, “if that person really loved me they would not do this to me.” In fact most the time the partners are human and just having a hard time, themselves and do truly love you. But because of the fairy tales of what love should be we feel let down over and over, instead of living and enjoying the moments we do have with these special people.
Happy Valentine’s Day to All

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