Get Out Of Your Own Way And Into A Healthy Relationship

I see over and over the mistakes that not only myself but my clients make sabotaging their relationship before it even gets started, in some case’s. This can make life unbearable and bring major crisis in our lives. When we encounter a soul mate with extreme intense chemistry emotions can be everywhere. Living on emotions can wreck ones happiness. This can leave a person everywhere, sending out a lot of intense negative vibrations transferring them to their partner. As we start to worry it’s never fun for our partners to be on the spot all the time. In this article we explore these unhealthy habits that can destroy your relationship. It is important to try and restore understanding and happiness back to your life with a striving relationship.

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First, we have to be patient and give the relationship time to grow in a natural flowing way. Giving love, patients and holding restraint is the key to a healthy relationship. However, it seems that if one simple thing happens regardless how big or small, it can lead to people feeling unloved or rejected causing strain on their relationship. It can make people feel like there was never a foundation in the first place and like their whole relationship was a lie. This isn’t true and we have to remember if it’s not moving your relationship forward, then it is truly holding it back.

Then, we have to get any superficial ideas we have seen on T.V and the Big Screen about what true love really is, out of our minds. As this can fill our minds with unrealistic relationship goals and this can damage the connection that we have with our partner, now and in the future. This thinking isn’t healthy as you have to get over the superficial views of how someone is supposed to love us because no two people are the same and either are two situation.

After that, never compare your relationship to other peoples as everyone has problems. Some people just do a better job at hiding theirs. With that being said, we need to find people that are truly worth having these problems with and growing from them to evolve our souls on a higher level. Life is about living and learning, so when these people come into our lives it’s truly about enjoying the time we share with them, simply in this life. It’s just unfair to us to compare our life events to others, as people rarely tell the full truth anyways and it could be distorted versions of facts to begin with. The best way for us to get around this is truly just stay focused on the relationship at hand and not others.

Next, soul mate and twin flames are past life connections and come with a deeper degree of emotions and often with both parties’ emotions being everywhere. A large amount of people wear their feelings on their sleeve, with these past life connections. One major feeling can be separation anxiety. This can leave you checking your phone or email every 5 seconds. This can cause racing thoughts that take you out of present moment and leave you not wanting your partner to leave your sight. This isn’t healthy either and the more you understand about these connections the more in control over your emotions you will be.

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Finally, the best way to have a striving relationship is to realize that your partner is human too. Truly in most situations your partner has all the same feelings you do, they just have a better way of hiding them because they handle stress differently. I have noticed often when my client’s partners get distant 99.9% of the time, it usually means that they are having a hard day at work, in life in general or they could be acting awkward because of the intense connections you both may have. When this happens, people can let their minds wonder to their worst fears, right away, and then anxiety can start to kick in. This kind of thinking can turn a relationship into a controlling unhealthy relationship very fast .Once a relationship turns that unhealthy, it’s even harder to have true commination and understanding again because by this point people have usually lost control of the way they communicate with each other, putting up direct blocks between them and the person they love so much.  It’s truly best to realize problems are a part of life and pick someone worth going through it with, as life is a cycle of spiritual growth and we as all beings deserve true understanding and happiness

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Shonda is a World Renowned Certified Psychic Medium that has been working with her gifts now 8 years. She is a expert in: love and relationships, life coach and family therapist, tarot, past life and angelic reader. She is a psychic investigator in real life and has the experience to help you with any challenges you may be facing in your life right now!

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