Corona- Coping With Fear

By Sarah: Fear is not the goal of our human experience on earth. Its quite strange that fear and excitement are exactly the same emotion, but with a different name. Are you experiencing fear right now? Does it sometimes root you to the ground and cause blind panic?

Fear is nothing but an illusion – it does not exist unless we allow it. We may be fearful of attending a meeting with our Manager or Supervisor. You may be in a loveless marriage, but too fearful to take that jump into the abyss of time and see where the journey leads you. You may be fearful of a pandemic virus.


Coronavirus is now a pandemic across the earth, but spiritually it is a karmic virus that has been brought into reality to wake up humanity to the fact that some things are out of our control and we must find a new way to live our life. It is also karmic as it is changing the way we view our world and changing the lives of those around us. We are all in this together – In some ways it is like an initiation, taking us out of our comfort zone and an initiation not guided by a church elder, a President but only by ourselves. It’s like being in a nest with the rest of humanity, ready to transform our lives like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. SO many people will now be turning to Spirit, praying to God, connecting with the Universe as with this virus every human being knows that their quality of life is out of our hands. Suddenly we ALL become equal, so let the bonding begin. We have already seen this happening in Italy, where the community come out onto their balcony and sing patriotic songs even though they are in lockdown. The people are coming together! We are realizing how powerful personal connection really is.

Let’s face it. The virus is like a dark invisible cloud that is descending on the entire globe. It cannot be seen or felt. And it looks dark because so many are in fear – this fear has been caused by the media and many of us are now in panic. Now imagine the virus being a light and white cloud, here to transform our lives into something far better than we ever imagined! Being forced into isolation makes us turn inward and look at ourselves and work out what we truly want out of life. It slows down the pace of life and makes us realize what we are truly grateful for. We get to view our own world from the outside inwards. It makes us stop and think. Our thoughts do create our reality so being forced to stop in our tracks and turn inwards is just what is needed to awaken our lives and when things get back on track, live as normally and as grateful as possible.

The media have whipped this virus up into a frenzy and people are running terrified – purchasing toilet paper, clearing out shelves. Pharmacies have their own Corona shelves, marketing products such as Vitamin C and Zinc Lozenges. Our Facebook Newsfeed is posting stories unimaginable from around the world. So how does one stop fear running rampant through our bodies when we realize that fear in itself lowers our immune system?

Yes, the virus is a weird illness that we have never experienced before, and perhaps our town/city/country is going to go into lockdown. As the virus hits so many of us, doctors, nurses, hospitals are going to be overrun with emergency cases – so to alleviate the fear of sickness get yourself a Corona medicine box. Zinc throat sweets, Vitamin C, pain tablets. Make sure that you and your family are drinking lots of fruit juice and eating oranges by the dozen to boost the immune system. Invest in natural herbs such as Warburgia or Moringa both of which boost the immune system. Perhaps it is also time to go back to the old ways —- one Corona patient healed himself drinking hot toddy’s – lemon and honey and a small amount of brandy in a cup of hot water. Empower yourself for in case your health system cannot cope. By empowering yourself you lessen the fear as you are once again in control.

You simply have to imagine feeling very ill and ensuring that you can open your medicine chest and have everything you need to make you feel better. This takes away the fear of sickness. If you are elderly or have an underlying respiratory problem, go and see your doctor now to get the necessary medication that you will need – do this before the virus takes hold in your town or city.

When you go out to the shops, stock up on antibacterial soap – and if that is sold out then use antibacterial washing up liquid. Stock up on some tinned food and freeze a few loaves of bread. Buy some yeast and flour just in case your store runs out of bread and you need it for the family. If your children need to work from home as their school is closed – how wonderful! A new sense of responsibility will emerge from the youth of this generation. Homeschooling is always fun.

For the next six weeks put your family under a curfew and use this time to bond. In South Africa at the moment – besides Corona –  we are having load-shedding four times a day for a period of two and a half hours at a time. This means NO electricity. As a result of this, families are bonding and connecting with each other and nothing is more important than a bonded family life. The human spirit is very strong and it is important as we go into this new generational time of 5D that we face all things in love and that we trust in Divine Timing. Everything happens for a reason and our Faith should be strong. Fear has no place in our reality.

I think what I am trying to say is that sift through the information available and turn your fear of Corona around. And we do this by being prepared.

If your country is not doing this yet, I would strongly advise that you don’t go out and attend gatherings where there are lots of people. Order your groceries online if need be and if you DO go out to the shops, just be aware of no hand to mouth contact and wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.

We have to view this virus as a karmic entity. We have abused this planet for too long. We eat the flesh of other animals – some countries boil or fry animals alive. We were put here to take care of the earth AND the animals and we are not doing our duty as we should. Now is the time that we must turn inward and look at our soul and realize who we really are and how we can be better, more compassionate humans living on this earth. And what better way than being forced into isolation, connecting only with our immediate family. We are moving from a 3D world to a 5D reality where miracles and time-bending are very real actualities. This is a New Earth that we are moving into. It is now time.

If you are also feeling the powerful energetic shifts on the planet right now, lets have a chat. I’ll help you find your way on your Ascension journey. It is so wonderful to connect and we obviously met each other for a reason.


Love and Light,


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