Confessions Of A Twin Flame

By Anastasia: Hello LifeReader family! After hundreds of calls about your twin flame relationships, I felt it necessary to write about this beautiful path to help you understand the true experience of being married to one’s twin flame. I was inspired after a reading to do this, for I was amazed that the client on the other end of the line told me “Even though he cheated on me, I am responsible for that action too.” Now if you find this hard to believe, think again. It does not matter if the person cheats or lies or does not talk to you for years at a time. The other half of your soul mate, twin flame or destiny partner still is your teacher, your actor and reactor for you in a most profound way.

Each of you plays an archetypal role to help elevate the other to their highest good and that is something one should not ignore but honor. We all would like to think that we can be like Jesus, the Buddha or Kuan Yin to name a few and or unconditionally love our partner, but when put to the test our humanity gets in the way.


How many times have you vowed to forgive and forget and find yourself so upset you cannot sleep and are spinning in your head for the disbelief at the stupidity at what your so called beloved did yet again! This my dear readers is the pattern or cycle of a twin flame relationship. You know that old saying “you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them” is as true today as it ever was. We are all looking for the lost and hidden parts of ourselves in each other. This is why we are so heartbroken when we are “let down” yet again. If you can put yourself in the other person’s shoes can or will you possibly look at your partner with compassion for the ignorance they are exhibiting? Can you understand that in the twin flame pattern that could have been You being so unconscious and acting with blinders on as to not see the needs are not being met?

Rest assured I have experienced these exact same thoughts and feelings I council about and personally lived through on an ongoing basis. The good news is, the more you practice unconditional love for yourself and your twin your lives do get better. How does one do this is the question I always get asked… With faith, I always reply, it is never easy for we are human and the divine lives in us, but I have not arrived as my twin always reminds me. It is a human lesson to live with a twin flame or have one developing in your life. I can’t live without a mentality that can set you up for abandoning yourself. I speak about this a lot in other articles for this is something the twin is really on a mission to help you with. By having this kind of relationship the twin reminds you of who you are and what your purpose is in this lifetime. The healthiest twin flame relationship can contain patience and recognition that you are not alone, even though it feels like it sometimes and that you have a love that is mirrored by your actions and your intentions.

A healthy twin will baby you only so far and demand that you stand on your own in the center so you can be resilient for the life you live in this world at any place at any time. That is a very tough thing to wrap your head around isn’t it? The lost parts of yourself are to be mined and brought to the surface for repair or to integrate. This is not easy or even fun, but necessary for your spiritual growth so you can be effective for your own life and theirs. Most of this is unconscious. When you can get out of blame shifting one another and get down to the business of elevating and changing there will be more energy freed up to love and live peacefully you will then know you are on the right path.

Some twin flame relationships are so unusual to the outsider, but you know exactly why you are in this relationship and usually it is to love, repair and to unite as one. To the level that you get angry, that is the level you will love. We go along thinking everything is wonderful and then you get triggered and one feels like their whole world is about to collapse, but really it’s just another reckoning of the very grace filled work that your twin is showing you… Will you participate with anger or will you ask questions in love? Can you see why the explosion happened? Can you own your part of the issue or are you able to hold space for the other to find their way out of the pattern and let them process fully so they can repair this part of their shadow nature? When this happens, it’s so important to hold the space for your twin to recognize and repair for the whole of the relationship so you can become even stronger than you ever thought you could be before. You see power couples all throughout life who are twin flames. How does this happen? It happens from being respectful and courageous to a fault. By turning yourself out again and again, allowing the grace of the universe to teach you through your twin what you need to keep and what you need to let go so you can become more available for yourself and others. If you are needing support and encouragement with your Twin I am here to help.

1anastasia2Peace and Blessings,


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