Confessions Of A Twin Flame Part 2

By Anastasia: I have had many calls and chats about the Twin flame patterns over the years and I would like to give you some more info to help you ease into the parts that seem to create suffering for you and your twin! 

The key here is perception. You both may perceive the relationship being one way YOUR WAY! This indicates there is work that needs to be done or past patterns that held you both back from being united in this place and time. The key word is acceptance. This is the lesson and the understanding of letting go of the idea that you have to be together all the time in the same  place on the same page and have a good old time being in love and living life. I’m here to tell you this twin flame path sometimes is about suffering for the other…


No one wants to hear this, but I have to tell you to help you understand the path of enlightenment for yourself and all of humanity. This is what twin flames are called to do more often than not. When we do our work internal and external then having a twin flame is the joy of your existence. Knowing there is another person on the planet that has your back in some ways and you have theirs and you don’t even have to speak is very common. Having experienced this myself on many occasions I can wholeheartedly say this can be very freeing and soul filling.  

This is not the Hollywood version of love and all the trimmings. This can be a life of prayer and solitude and dreaming of them seeing them in your daytime visions and then out of nowhere they appear. Usually, when you least expect it. As most of you know, you will get ghosted, ignored and blocked by social media. Then magically out of nowhere they appear with a text, a phone call or maybe in the same coffee shop. Tuning in to what is happening around you is very hard sometimes for your heart skips a beat and your whole being lets down and says “Oh there  you are!” 

Isn’t that interesting? You see the parts of yourself you wish you could access and the parts you believe will make you whole, but truly it’s just your mirror, your soul reflection of what you have known about yourself from the beginning of time… When we lose our footing and reach out for this person to fulfill our desires and complete us, we usually get hurt. You must remember this person is your teacher and your instructor in the deepest parts of yourself, the parts that you are wanting to fill as you are learning to Remember your soul’s wounds and asking them to be  healed. 

More often than not we have to be away from them to appreciate the energy that can almost sear our skin when we lose our heads and abandon our progress and think, “Okay, now we can be together and have this amazing, blissful life…” Not so fast… the key is to keep your center and let them do the same, so the two of you can come fully forward… not perfect but just enough to be able to have a conscious conversation about each of your truths up to this next chapter in  your journey. One of you may be in a relationship that is not working and one of you may be so shut down and repeating unhealthy patterns. But, when you both see the other in full view, time stands still and nothing matters at that moment. I know you know what I’m talking about. You lift each other up, you long for the union to be different and the biggest roadblock is not accepting what is right there in that instance. Please remember that you are both doing your work  internally and externally for one another. “Oh Anastasia, why are you telling me this?” To give you  peace, to help you understand this is a process and sometimes it ends up in a happy ever after,  but most likely it’s going to end up in unconditional love for each other no matter what your  circumstances. This, my friend is the highest form of love…

As you raise your vibration to love and light, you are doing the same for your twin whether they know it or not. Be brave, live in the “what is” and pray for the highest good for all concerned. 


Love and Light,


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