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By Ann: Colours are very important in your day to day life, you wear them, you see them, and you eat colours everyday in the food you eat. Think about it, when a salad is full of colours you want to eat it and you feel good when you do.  So I have given you a script on how you can use colours to help you in your day to day life.

Not many people can master this, but in my teachings I have a few students who have, and they have used colours for everything throughout their day to day life and have been very successful.


When you look at the biblical days, God made the rainbow and there are 7 colours. He made them for a reason and they resonate with your chakras.

When I was a child, I loved looking at the rainbow. To me, it looked magical. I have used colours throughout my own life; it helped me to see the beauty in all things. Flowers, birds all animal life and anything that has colour. Throughout our day to day life, we get too busy to stop and look around and see the beauty in this world we live in. Mother Nature is indeed amazing.

Auras also are colour, it will tell me where your health is affected. You need to take the time to look around and live life to the fullest and get the best out of your life. Even money has colour. Have you ever thought about how you can heal thy self through colours?

It is so important. All you have to be is willing to try and make colours work for you and restore your life and gain inner peace.

Colour focus order
Go through all colours daily.

•  Red
•  Orange
•  Yellow
•  Green
•  Blue
•  Purple

Colour of blood, root Chakra, connects to Mother Earth.

•  Life force
•  Keep healthy and open to the universe
•  When someone tries to sway a decision focus on red.
•  Intimacy with partner
•  Closing root chakra closes all other chakras

(Orange and red go together)

Gut feeling

•  Use orange to push it up.
•  Don’t make significant decisions for three days.

Focus on yellow to be empathetic to others feelings

•  Gives balance
•  Understanding
Delay response (feelings & emotions ‘personal’)

Heart (part of love – don’t use it for love)

•  Misery, loved ones.
•  Give freely with green
•  See green for new contracts / business, financial expenditure, negotiations.
•  Don’t use green in relationships

Voice box

•  After making a decision, focus on blue when expressing it.
•  Stops you from being hurt.
•  Express hurt to the ether
•  Never express negative on email or letter.

Mind / Intellect (mental body only)

•  Diffusing
•  Creator
•  Before making a decision, mull over with purple for three days.
Last hour of third day run through all colours then make decision.
•  Connecting to higher source
•  Negativity can effect if not using purple
•  Deterioration of health if not using purple / blue.


Hugs and Love,


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