Climate Change In A Relationship

By Gertrude: There are many elements to consider when you are in a Climate Change Relationship. This can be in any area of your life. Love, Family, Work, Friends we have can ebb and flow as well as seasons. So can all the natural progressions of life with the elements of our ego and unique soul and spiritual growth.

In a relationship like this there are various markers that define these changes. 


Broadly, there are three definitions: hot, cold and indifferent. There are many triggers in this emotional tinderbox and a common thread will be someone feeling overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities and obligations. This is quite often where there is no real strategy for them to achieve their goals in terms of inner wellness and materialistic considerations.

Life throws us mental health conditions, in us, in others and the fabric that was woven us before and throughout childhood. Times in our lives where we have had little control over our circumstances. This can persist for people. Having focused on realistic expectations while being enthusiastic to make a change is challenging. All transitions are. It is meant to be provocative.

The most important lesson when we are in a relationship with someone is the one that we are being prodded to look within ourselves. 

Disappointment is a very big factor when we are seeking to create better communication with someone we love. Also, when we have to work with colleagues and acquaintances and feel stuck and become disillusioned with our path in a career or professional sense. 

If feels as though you always have to pause and analyse what people are meaning with their words and if those words actually produce actions. 

As a holistic counselor, I work with you as an individual to help give some insight and guidance into your best move for you. By working within, where all birth begins, you follow your own advice and create a new approach, perception and ultimately a better reality.

Life always has a menu of choices and sometimes we don’t know which of our problems or issues need to be fed first. So it is easy to become confused, anxious and stressed. This is my area of expertise and I would love for us to cooperate on a holistic level, to look on a deeper level using all of our combined skills to allow you unlimited opportunity. 

A relationship of temperatures.

You find yourself in an on and off, hot and cold, which puts a relationship in a disconnected distant position. Games of blocking each other can often be a symptom or a refusal to communicate are sure signs that your relationship is in a climate change. 

A time of natural progression and transition in many ways. Therefore you are asked to take preventative measures as well as put in place procedures to protect your path. Your life is already filled with gardens of opportunity, but outside forces bring storms of love, floods of emotion and droughts where you feel a bit lost or alone. 

You are valid in your thoughts and feelings, however the other person can not blend with the change of life’s season. Don’t allow this to cause a pause, though for your own ability to have effective communication on all levels. 

A time to document what you want and what you have, with a pinch of gratitude and the enlightenment of insight I would love to look at the transparent and underlying shifts you can make to make the improvements that bring the comfort and understanding you seek. 

The Environment of a Relationship.

Right now you are creating the emotional environment for your current situation. Learn to use this in a positive way. When we invite a person into our lives, we must make sure that the seeds that we have sown are ready for harvest. That brings the valid need for us to weed and make sure that we are also nourishing ourselves. 

Climate Reality

Be aware of what is the current situation. Not how lush it was in the past or your oasis for the future, the here and now is a short-range radar, where we pick up any breakdown in communications. Where you question someone’s deeds and what they are contributing to your love environment. 

Relationship Emissions

This is the hub of what happens next. It resides in two parts of your DNA. Your thoughts, their quality and the messages you are giving yourself and others. What is the impact of your energy into the relationship? Along with what the other person is contributing. 

Your love is a greenhouse, an effervescent bubble of energy that helps produce the love and life that you need. Don’t allow your good ideas to go to waste where they promote growth for the future. 

Be a champion to yourself first. Remember, when the grass looks greener on the other side, water your own garden. 


Love and Light,


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