Changing Direction

By Edwina: Nothing is as powerful as changing your mind. We can change our appearance, our favourite tastes in life and even our opinion of others! But essentially, all will remain the same with its habitual routines, until we focus our ‘will’ and change the way the wind blows in our own mindset. Things will ultimately change around us; it is the natural evolution of life. Change from the inside is different, but if it is not properly addressed, will lead to stagnation and dissatisfaction.

1edwina2 If you want something in life, if you have goals and dreams, you want to see into fruition. You have to first accept it is going to be hard and it will come at a price. Nothing truly worth having in life is going to be free or going to be easy. For things to start changing around you, first, you will need to take the first steps and make changes on the inside. Letting go of negative behavior, breaking the bad habits are your inner demons and until you conquer them, you will remain in limbo with an echoing voice from the past asking, “When are things going to change?” So many of us will go through life not addressing the questions we ask ourselves and only we know the answers to. True potential and true talent will never reach people with this sort of mindset. That’s not to say, they will not succeed, but where they are good, they will always fall short of being great. In some circumstances, others will never even discover the talent they had hidden and this is a tragic situation!

We’ as human beings are naturally born inquisitors on a path of discovery, yet it is self-discovery we should be putting our focus onto. Our first point of call will always be; finding what makes you happy. Without this, you will ultimately be on a downward spiral of despair which must be stopped ASAP!

So what’s it going to be?

Picture yourself at a fork in the road and ask; “Do I want to carry on down this path, has it served me well so far, am I happy?”

Either way, you know where you will be, going down one road, but what about the other road? We do not yet know where it will lead to, but, considering where the other road will lead us; do you dare to take a leap of faith? Mentioned before, change is never going to be easy, in fact, it will be hard and unpleasant yet the end result might make it worthwhile! So whatever is holding you back, whatever you feel is stopping you, you cannot let it carry on. Your own power is abundant, but you might not realize! You must draw upon it to break through to the other side of your true self. Will this mean facing your fears? Absolutely yes! Take a moment and think of someone who you feel is successful and aspirational, they don’t have to be in your life, they might be someone famous. Once you have this person in mind, regardless of they are now I can guarantee you; it’s not who they once were. They broke free from their own shackles of fear to become the person they are today. They have been rewarded in public for something they practiced for years privately. Their sacrifice is truly a testament of change from the inside.

Find your courage and you will find your happiness. Do not let others discourage you and do not waste time for that is a serious crime on yourself. If you would like to talk to me, specifically in the areas of your life which are bothering you, get in contact.


Love and Light,


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