Can You See Me?

By Ann: Here I am waiting for you to turn to me in your sorrow and pain. You want everything to happen now for you. But have you ever thought that is it easy to have everything you want and need in this life? I know the meaning of love and it is unconditional, for I came back to save you all out of love. I was patient when I walked the Earth. I understood the worries and concerns of the people and the sickness that is in the world. I came to take you out of Darkness into the light through my Father. I performed miracles brought people back from the dead.

Have you forgotten me? Can you see me in every human being that you looked at? I am in them. You feel your heart is troubled and sad because you love and the person that you love has not come to you and then they get caught up along the way with the negative forces and led astray. ann3

I came to wipe away the sins for everybody, to forgive one another and to love one another. I came to send the message “do not do unto others you do not want done to you”. Why are you worried my child? I’m here for you. Do not think there is not one thing on this planet that I cannot help you with. Throw all your anxieties upon me and I’m here for you to be able to guide you and help you in your trials and tribulations.

Do you know my name? I will gladly give it to you. My name is Jesus Christ. I came into this world to save the world. I see you on your own crying. I hear your prayers. Faith is something that you must stick with; do not be like a bottle bobbing up and down in the ocean with your faith. Did you not know my child that faith moves mountains?

You cannot blame your parents; you must take responsibility for your own actions. You cannot blame anyone for the way you feel. You must take responsibility for your emotion; you cannot blame anyone if you are angry. You have choices to experience all of these emotions and free will to not blame another human being.

I have come today to give you a message, if you believe with your heart and soul that I’m here to help you; if you have been waiting for a loved one then I am waiting for you to see the light. If you’re impatient with time; then I am patient with you so that no one will perish. Do we put a price on love if it is unconditional? Because love is given to you free by me and my Father in heaven, where do you believe I come from?

There are many dimensions in the spiritual world. Every thought that you think, I hear you. But let me tell you today that whatever you say out loud, the negative forces here cannot read your mind. Be careful with what you say; because negative forces will use this against you; the devil.

Because you are made in my image. You are never being alone that is a state of mind. Turn to me and find your inner peace because in this life we live in a world full of Mayhem and destruction. Look closely at the world, can you see love?

I give you another message. Give out love; forgive everyone, forgive yourself. There is no more sin. Do not beat yourself up over anything and ask me to help you. Everybody needs a companion. You were never meant to live alone; but to gain love and respect and have a happy family.

If you have separated from the one you love, then you must ask yourself. Did you ask me to help you? I did not hear your prayer. My father is greater than I am, but I earned to be on the right hand side of the Father through my faith. The final sacrifice that’s right the lamb to the slaughter to save mankind and to remove Sin.
Judas sold me for Silver and yet I forgave him. Peter denied me three times, I forgave him. Can you forgive?
Do not keep bad company if someone doesn’t appreciate you and love you then move on to someone that does when this happens you still give love out the same way. You would like to receive love.

You only have to call upon me and I will come to you. Ease your pain, your heart. I will be everything to you.

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Hugs and Love,

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2 thoughts on “Can You See Me?

  1. channy

    Those words were spoken to me once a few years back. I am drowning in tears because I believed it was a message to and for everyone. Come to realize now, that it was meant specifically towards me. And all is correct.I am more aware of what needs to be done.


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