Calling In Your Soulmate

By Jessica: Introduction: Holy rites and ceremonies have been a part of human spirituality for thousands of years all around the world. A cutting-away ceremony is an energetic, dynamic clearing of your auric field and subconscious, of old patterns, behaviours, people or situations which are no longer serving you and are holding you back, causing you to stagnate energetically. A calling-in ceremony can then more easily shine out your light on the astral plane. It is a calling-in because it lights up the energy-lines between you and your life’s partner, or your life’s purpose, or with people who are like-minded, those in your karmic soul-group and allows them to find you. All ceremony takes a great deal of preparation and groundwork with an experienced guide.

jessica3 My spiritual healing work is deeply rooted in the gifts of my own experiences; of illness, injury and trauma, of being healed, of learning to forgive myself and others for being human and remembering that we are each part of God, no more, no less. “God” is my convenient, small word for an experience of the Divine that is too big for me to describe. All of the healing and spiritual psychic guidance with others grew from things I have walked through myself and experienced the transformation in my own life. Walking my talk, that is my path. There is nothing for free in this reality, other than the love of the Divine, and even that takes practice, as we have, so many of us, civilized ourselves away from our natural connection. Learning to truly receive the Divine into our every day lives makes everything function better, I call it the rocket-fuel in my tank!

A calling-in ceremony is a powerful rite but first the groundwork has to be done – we have to own and clear those shadows and obstacles we can, with God’s help. This allows the light to shine through us and show our life-partner, our life’s purpose, our soul group, that which our soul desires most, exactly where we are and helps them find us. Walking through profound trauma to heal is impossible alone, but holding the hand of the Divine as we do it, brings reward, healing and balance beyond imagining. All rites are just another part of science we do not have words or tests for yet, and so it seems that they are mysterious and magical. In truth, they follow the same laws of physics that we are familiar with, but at a different vibration.

Newton’s third law states: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It is my experience that that is how it is with healing, cutting-away, calling-in; first there is the pain, physical, emotional or spiritual – we can take the momentum of that pain and, with Divine help, change its direction towards healing beyond normal living, to a place where we practice allowing God, (the Divine, Spirit, the Source whatever it works for you to call that energy of love which is too big to comprehend or describe) into our lives as a matter of course each day. All seeming traumas and pains are divine opportunities to heal beyond everyday living. But we have to make the effort to recognize this, and to turn it into its potential – nothing is for free in this reality, aligned effort brings reward. We live in a world of ever-increasing instant gratification, which is ultimately so unfair on us, as it weakens our will and integrity, essential tools of maturing in our reality.

September 2002, I was shaken awake by my guides and an idea that I had had for some time seemed imperative to pursue, now, today, this moment! It had been some time since my profound healing and deep awakening into my life’s purpose. Which, day-to-day means that I had made a commitment to follow my guidance, always, without question.

That day in September, it was an annual UK holiday, my 3-year old bounded excitedly onto the bed and we bundled off in the car to explore the possibilities of our moving to a new school for her in the neighboring county. A two-hour journey from our home in rural Cornwall to the bijoux, cosmopolitan town in Somerset. Singing and playing games all the way, we arrived in the picturesque small town, with its tiny ruined castle, nestled in its rounded green hills – and now what?

To explore. But this was a holiday in England and everyone had come out to explore. We looked and looked for a parking space but there was none to be found. We got to see a lot of the town and surrounding area, as we drove round and round, up and down, looking for a place to park! We kept driving back and forth, back and forth, over an ancient bridge and I kept wanting to stop and walk down the inviting-looking steps I could see leading away under the bridge.
We never did find a parking space in the town, but I knew from that visit that we were to live there, in those healing hills behind the town, and that that’s where my daughter would go to school. I was shown where I was going to live, even down to the view from the window I would have over the fields as I washed my daily dishes.

Within two months we had found the place, the other people wanting it had all dropped out of the process, we had moved in, I had found work, started my retraining as a psychotherapist and my daughter had started at her new kindergarten. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! Of course, that’s how it looks in hindsight – at the time it was a nerve-wracking, moment-to-moment, nail-biting uncertainty. Even when you’re psychic, you doubt!

There I was, happy, truly happy for probably the first time in my life and, also for the first time in my life, with no interest in finding a partner. One afternoon, as I connected with my guides, I was told clearly to write down exactly what my ideal partner would be like. I was to really focus and pay attention to detail. I did, and wrote the list, then promptly fell asleep. This time I was roughly woken up by the anger of my ex-partner, whom I hadn’t heard from in over a year, I could hear him yelling at me and shaking me…he was 400 miles away. I opened my email to catch up on work, and there was a message from my ex-partner – he had unconsciously felt my shift away from him towards a different future. I did not respond to the email.
Days and months rolled by and life was good. Roughly a year after we moved my daughter’s kindergarten class walked to the local church to attend the harvest festival and we parents met them at the church for their little ceremony. As I walked out of the church with all the other parents, I felt a great psychic space drop away from me in front of my feet, on the other side of that gulf was a man I had never seen before but I was being drawn to him and my heart was opening. Things came back to normal and the man was still there, talking with some of the parents in the churchyard. So was that feeling still there! I decided that he was a parent and likely married, so I was being warned not to explore.

Some months later, I was approached to join a healing order that practices ancient rites of healing, cutting-away, calling-in, hand-fasting, initiations into adulthood for men and women of any age, and other ceremonies and rites. It was a great honour to be asked. At first I waited, my own spiritual life was blossoming and my guides were leading me through the healing of old traumas, making space for me to develop my innate gifts and discover new ones. Life was full already! At this time I had developed what I called my ‘Polynesian Pull’ I was drawn to Polynesia and forever looking up pictures of Tonga, Hawaii and Samoa, envisaging ways to move there and live there. I knew it was an impossible dream but it kept pulling me.

In early 2004, a friend of mine, a parent from school, dropped something over to me and stopped to chat. As we talked I was guided to tell him about some conscious-dreaming work I was being led to do at that time. He went quiet for a moment and then told me that he had grown up in Hawaii and that what I was describing sounded like a Ho’omana spiritual practice. He told me he didn’t know much about it but that he knew someone, a university professor, who had some interest in Ho’omana – the ancient Hawaii art and science of healing and spiritual development. My friend left me the gentleman’s email address – it sat on my sideboard for weeks. It bothered me – on the surface my life was normal and I wasn’t about to approach some man I didn’t know on the other side of the world and tell him my private woo-woo experiences! On the other hand, I liked and respected the parent who had given me the email address in good faith and I wanted to follow-up as I had said I would.

My guides told me to email this man in Hawaii and tell him the complete truth about my experiences and how it came about that I got his email address. In the email I also added that I felt very uncomfortable contacting him, as I didn’t know him and felt more than a little silly relating my story. He emailed back, we talked on the phone. Within a week, he asked me to marry him. I had refused the offers of marriage I had received before that, from people that I had known much longer. I knew what my family would say, one of my sisters had been involved online with a teacher in the US and it had turned out very badly. And, as pretty much everyone in my family is psychic, there would be no hiding it, someone would have a dream, a vision or a message and jump on the phone to me.

So, we talked, he asked me to marry him, I said yes. I said yes! All week long I had had dreams of him and kept hearing clairaudiently that this man was my husband. I really didn’t want a husband, I was quite happy as I was. Plus, he had a stupid name, a very un-sexy job and simply didn’t look right for me in any way! Every dream he came in to, I walked out of and woke myself up. But when he asked me to marry him on the phone, I knew the answer was yes.

In flooded the anticipated warnings from family and friends. My spiritual mentor, whose response I had dreaded, as she was always advising me not to be impulsive, was the only one who responded well. She told me that in all the time we had worked together, she had never known my intuition to be anything but right. She congratulated me and did not give me anything but encouragement for saying yes to marry a man from the other side of the world whom I did not know, had never met, and was not likely to meet for some time yet.

My guides prompted me to join the healing order and from the first moment, my soul was Home! So many different ceremonies and rites, serving people from all over the world, week after week, at the same time as I completed my psychology studies. Always working for the highest good of each person or people involved, my spiritual development was fast-tracked by joy!
As the months rolled by, my husband-to-be and I connected every day, on the phone, via email and in spirit (that’s a whole other story!), and, in time, we met. I wish I could tell you it was all love, light and roses when we met. It wasn’t. We were/are two independent people who had got together late in life and there were quite a few pretty prominent corners that needed rounding off. Neither of us had expert tools with which to do the rounding – so there were some spectacular fireworks in those early years!

We have been together 12 years now and just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. My guides were right, this man IS my husband, and a better one than I would, or could, ever have picked. Is he perfect? No. But neither am I and we have been through some stormy weather to find this sunshine together (equal and opposite always in this reality, was right). We joke that we have an arranged marriage – arranged by God!

That bridge I drove over again and again before I moved to our new town in 2002…had I stopped and walked down those steps, I would have found my way to an ancient sacred site, an island in the middle of the river over which that bridge spans. There, on that island was my husband, after weeks of preparation, deep in ceremony with a group of people, calling in his life partner. He had spent months working on his life-partner list in Hawaii and had approached the healing order to perform this ceremony for him.

That man, at the church over a year later, in 2003, was my husband – he was in England doing healing work with the order for a very painful old relationship breakup. A keen walker, he had walked by the church and been drawn by the harvest festival singing. My guides knew it wasn’t time, he hadn’t healed yet and they had made a chasm appear before me, as my warning not to go over to him. The list I wrote of my ideal partner’s characteristics was over year after his calling-in ceremony, that was my guides helping me to connect.

The parent who had given me my husband’s number was someone my husband had met on one of his country walks and they had fallen into talking, found they had a Hawaii connection, and exchanged email addresses.

Those life-partner lists were an exact description of each of us – my list had not included any physical characteristics, as my wise guides knew my husband is not my usual physical type! His list did have physical characteristics, and all of them fit me.

At first we all lived in the UK, moving to Hawaii seven years ago and starting a whole new life adventure together as a married couple. I do not claim to know the mind of the Divine, but my experience leads me to believe, again and again, that the only thing God wants for us is love and fulfillment of our potential. And, if there are righteous ways to speed that up, our guides, the angels and our loved ones, are waiting to gather round and help it to happen. My experience is that we can either surrender to getting closer and closer to our individual Divine blueprint, or we can struggle, fight and exhaust ourselves trying to do life our way, our ego’s way, losing our Self in each of life’s inevitable dramas. A simple way to live ever-closer to our blueprint is remembering how to allow the Divine plan to find its light-filled, healing pathway through us each day, by learning and practicing letting go of our wounded child/ego’s control! Simple, but not easy.


May Joy & Peace Surround You Always,


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