Living On A Volcano

By Jessica: Welcome to my weekly blog addressing three clients’ questions completely free via email.

After a prolonged period of involuntary absence, I am celebrating being back with a weekly gratitude blog to thank, and give back to, the wonderful clients and staff here at Lifereader. There have been so many reasons to feel grateful throughout these months of personal challenges, extreme weather, and, currently, the volcanic activity we are living through each day here in Hawaii.

jessica3 This eventful time has served to remind me how privileged we are to live in this extraordinary part of the world, where Aloha is written into law, and its spirit practised between people every day. “Helping each other is a somewhat-hidden second nature to humanity and so many have a deep, unsatisfied spiritual need to be of service.” After conveying that message to me, my guides instructed me to start this free guidance blog, to demonstrate that, particularly at this eventful time in the world, any little we each can give from our own lives can go a long way in helping others, and ourselves.

How it works:
Email me your burning question, via my Lifereader profile, on anything at all – personal, financial, social, emotional, spiritual or physical – anything. The question can be a world issue, or something personal and closer to home – anything for which you would like a free, open email reading. Three chosen questions will receive an emailed mini-reading in answer.

Each week, one of those three readings will be chosen as a blog article, here on Lifereader, along with your feedback on what helped you the most, or what you discovered that might help others.

I will contact you to let you know that your reading has been chosen as a timely help to others. The question, and answer/s will be published in full, using different names to protect your anonymity.

This opportunity is open to new and regular clients alike. One of my regular clients starts us off this week with a question she asked via email recently. Let’s call this lovely lady Giselle.

Client Question:

‘Dear Jess, so glad you’re back online, you have been missed! My question for your blog is how do I get beyond this painful part of my life? It feels like one thing after another, my husband passing away, a bad relationship with my now ex, difficulties with one teenager and then the other, plus I never seem to be able to make ends meet! How’s that for a list of whinges, lol?! But seriously, everything New Age seems to be telling me that I can rise above this and I feel like such a failure as each new piece of you know what hits the fan and makes a stink’


“Dear Giselle, what a great question to start the weekly blog with, thank you!

Firstly, I am aware that you are what I call a super-empath, which means that you are very sensitized to all that goes on in the people, and the environment, around you. Life for a super-empath is always potentially painful. On a practical level, this means that, unless we as super empaths practise tools to empower ourselves` and integrate our empathic ‘super power’, we will always feel victimized by life.

Super-empathy is a life path often chosen by souls who wish to have a constant motivator towards developing spiritually. Before we incarnate – when we have forgotten the pain of being in a dense body – extreme empathy seems like an excellent opportunity to get us back on spiritual track as often, and as effectively, as possible – because not being on track is simply too painful. That opportunity looks and feels rather different once we are here in this dense reality with no clue how to come into spiritual alignment!

Any theory or practice, new age or otherwise, that makes you feel in the wrong for authentically experiencing life, selling the idea that you can simply ‘rise above’ your challenges, is rather immature spiritually. Rather like a child who believes that adults don’t have problems, and who can’t wait to become an adult so that all problems will magically disappear. It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s just a very young perspective in a society that has mainly forgotten what mature spirituality is. There is no benefit in entering that perspective, unless it’s to help someone unwittingly trapped there.

So, what works – how do you use the, seemingly rather dubious, spiritual opportunity you have chosen at a soul level? It’s the more traditional, unglamorous, practical approach that will lead to your experience of life changing in a way that helps. Firstly, make space for yourself, think of yourself first and make boundaries which keep that space, we are each a unique embodiment of the Divine, a precious creation, if we don’t honor that through our actions and behavior towards ourselves, very few others will. As often as you can, take 5 minutes to ground, as we have practised together, or in any way that works for you, and bring protection up around you from the earth – perfect protection to your own specifications! Once the protection is complete, feel Divine love flooding into that, your sacred space – and just let yourself be. Do that for 5 minutes whenever you remember,and things will become easier for you. Remember to set a 5 minute timer if you can. Stay in touch via email and let me know how things go”

Client Feedback (Giselle):
“My mind tends to over-complicate things, but I have learned to trust Jess’ guidance, even if my first response is How is THAT going to help?! I used this practice as often as I could (between 1-3 times a day) for 4 days before I realized that everything had started to shift. It did help that Jess has helped me with this kind of thing during sessions before, that made it easier to do quickly. People are reacting to me differently now, I’m way less stressed and creative solutions to problems just seems to come into my head at the right time. Plus, I’m a much nicer parent to my kids, and they respond well to that. Again, Jess has broken down what felt like overwhelming unsolvable complexities of life and they’ve transformed into a simple manageable reality with the practical tools she gives that really HELP. I am going to add that you have to keep doing it, going through the doubt that it’s ‘not working’, to get to the place where it does. Jess’ supporting warm energy helps a great deal to keep going, and I know I can rely on her encouragement any time I email. Jess’ insights are refreshingly honest, as a parent, I appreciated the relatable clarity regarding the New Age viewpoint, it made sense and I could let go of judging myself unfairly”.

In many ways, choosing to enter this life as a super-empath, is not unlike choosing to live on the slopes of an active volcano. They are choices which bring challenges that can make one feel like a victim, but also hold extraordinary opportunities. With repeated practise of the right tools, these choices can transform experience from seemingly negative, into miraculous gift after empowering gift. Like anything else in this dense reality, it takes the effort of using the tool to get the result. I can passively positive-think my way into delightful, delusional denial – as the lava burns the house around me, and me along with it. However, if I use the energetic tools on offer, I can avoid all kinds of disaster in reality and have loving, expansive experiences with all those around me and the environment. Which do you choose?


Empowerment and love to you all,


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