Be A Winner In Love

By Ann: Many times we wonder why things happen to us many times we wonder how come good things don’t come my way. Many times we wonder are he or she in love with me? his actions do not show it and her actions do not show it, we all want to be loved we all want to be liked we all would like to have good friends and we all would like to have a quality of life.

ann3 Often the cases you need to project it out there with what you would like to have happened in your own life. Whatever you think is what you become. Think about it for a moment, you want everything to happen for you in a positive manner. You want your man to come back or your woman to come back and you want the relationship, but what happens is you can sabotage it before it even happens by your thought processes.

It is sad really when you think about it if we were running a race of life to win and your life depended on it. You would only think to win the race no matter what. The problem lies is that you need to understand that everything in life has a process. It has already been written what your life is going to be and who you are going to meet.

There isn’t anything in this life that you cannot have but you must see it in your own mind you must see this happening for you. You need to connect to the Divine, the higher Realms behind every successful person; they have a level of spirituality.

So OK, you want your person back in your life? You want that new job? You want to be happy? You want to be loved? You need finances or financial freedom? You need that new career? And what’s stopping you? Honestly, it is you and that’s the reality. You can blame others why you are not getting things, but, it really isn’t the truth. You can blame your parents why your life is the way it is, you are still responsible. So when we move past all the blame and of course don’t blame yourself either, it’s simple until you are educated on how the spiritual Realm works and the power projection. How do you know?

There is a solution; Divine guidance is what you need. Divine guidance is what you need and you need to be educated on how the angelic Realm works, then, you can achieve everything you need in this life and most of all, obtain the inner peace that you do not have now.

So if you do not feel loved and you want to be loved, and you want to meet your soul mate, and you need that new career, and you need to have finances, and you want to go on that holiday, and you want to get married, then, you need to be educated on the Book of Life.

And The Book of Life is working with the angelic realm and this is what you need to understand you can receive anything that you would like to, if you remove the ego and try not to do it yourself I would really rather rely on the angelic realm than human beings at least, then I know I’m not going to be disappointed and feel down.

Keep in mind that you must project love out to receive love. You must also have inner peace so love is attracted to you as well.

If you have any questions on this article, please feel free to contact me. Also, understand education takes too many places. If you are not educated with the angelic realm, how do you know?


Much love and hugs,


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