Autumnal Rituals

As we bid goodbye to post summer solstice bliss, we hearken in the longer nights and darker mornings. Traditionally, we lay a red rose on an altar on the solstice as an offering to the season ahead. There are simple ways to bring blessings to the autumn such as candle magic and visualization techniques.



An orange candle symbolizes the sun so to have a small piece of the spiritual sun in your home, light an orange candle in a darkened room and taking some time out for yourself, sit and face the flame. As the moon is currently waxing, imagine and visualize the happy times you are going to spend in the coming months. Lift the dark energy and welcome on new and uplifting moods into your life. You can chant three times a short verse of something you wish to occur, something which doesn’t involve controlling other people or circumstance. This can be writ on a white plain piece of paper and spoken aloud in a calm and forthright manner. It should be something positive which could portend a happier turn of events or even a progressive outcome to a difficult situation.

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Essential oils are very therapeutic and easy to use. Simply fill a bath with hot water and add some oils. Bergamot, Ginger, Frankincense and Birch are traditional autumnal blends which will comfort and soothe you as you soak, letting the tiresome echoes of the day evaporate. You can also incorporate the candles into this ritual and composing yourself, watch the flitting flame imagining the good times ahead, letting all the cares drift away.

The ensuing darkness of beautiful autumn is really a comfort blanket for the soul.

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