Are You Being Orbited?

By Gertrude: If ghosting wasn’t bad enough, it seems that social media has created a new type of dating confusing. As a psychic, I often get clients who have dated and added someone on all of their social media. Then suddenly, just like ghosting, they stop directly replying to you.

However, what happens next is that they keep you on their social media network. Often being the first to like your posts or comments. But again, when you contact them directly, they ignore you. This is now being referred to as ‘Orbiting’.

1gertrude2 What it means is they are keeping you in their circle. As if they are standing on the outside, still deciding if they should come closer or not. Generally, when this happens, the person is keeping their options open. Just in case they change their mind. Or often because they need some type of reassurance.

It can be confusing and daunting if this is happening to you. Often the best thing to do is ignore or block them.

Sometimes people who orbit you, do so because they like to be seen to be friendly and open. As if they have a great social life and are a good friend. It can mean that the person doesn’t understand this could be hurtful or daunting and aren’t quite socially aware.

Often a fear of missing out creates the need for someone to orbit you. And yes, from time to time it can be a bit creepy as people can be like voyeurs on social media and enjoy watching other peoples lives and what they do.

Many of us have been in a situation where we ‘stalk’ an ex or their new partner on social media. But this isn’t orbiting. It’s more than just getting ‘intel’ on someone we may or may not like. It’s about having a foot in the door in someones life and having them as a social media friend or acquaintance.

So if someone is orbiting you, it may just be they don’t want to be in a relationship or friendship. But you are intriguing, funny or just plain a great human being. So they just want to watch you from the outside.

What is going on in their lives? This has a huge impact on what motivates someone to orbit. A personality trait is there is an inability to commit. Or they are already committed. They feel they have options in life. For those single people who orbit. They seek solitude. They can be like hermits who enjoy their own company. Wanting to react with the outside world. But from a distance.

For some it feels intrusive. For others, they orbit the orbiter. Finding is interesting to follow someones life. Just another version of reality TV.

For those who feel uncomfortable, most social media portals have privacy options. Set them at what you feel comfortable.

As we wade through the 5th dimension of the universe, artificial intelligence and our human evolution. The core of our Soul is to connect to others. Not as 7 billion separate Souls but as a vast organism. That is, in turn, connected to the Cosmos.

Remember, every thought, deed and action creates a vibration. Every vibration creates a frequency. Every frequency a sound and action. Let your thoughts, deeds and actions create the best vibrations.


All the best,


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